Demonstration: Toy Story 2 100% in under 1 hour





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Published on Apr 21, 2012

Done with keyboard and some savestates on PCSX-rr (what is with the music and sound effects in the PS1 version?). This is not quite a real time speedrun since I used savestates, and it isn't quite a TAS since I didn't try to optimize movements or even use the analogue stick. I guess you could call it a route demonstration and trick showcase. A segmented run would look a lot like this, only less jerky movement and probably some of the harder tricks and laser shots have to be omitted.

The coin routes can definitely change a bit, especially for real time. Some levels have a lot of additional coins you can get at little time loss in case you miss a hard laser shot or something.

Level 1: There are videos on youtube of an OoB in the first level, but from my testing I think it is an N64 emulator only glitch. The corner seems to have different properties on PS1 console/emulator and on my actual N64. I kill the third robot where I do because often he is on the staircase when you come back, and at that point you can't kill him quickly for the coin.

Level 2: I'm fairly certain it is faster to not revisit this stage with rocket shoes. They save 5 seconds (after subtracting out re-entry time) if you are only getting the race token, but the interdependency of all the tokens makes it faster to get them all in one run as opposed to only getting a few now.

Level 4: Girder and lift cycles make it so I don't lose time collecting some extra coins.

Level 5: Need grappling hook, so have to come back to this level later in the run. The token I get in the first visit is the one that would waste the most time in the revisit, since I essentially pass by everything there anyways for the ducks.

Level 7: Requires a revisit for hover boots. I get the one token that is very out of the way on my first visit.

Level 8: I didn't luck manipulate in this run, so that token in the crane game can be grabbed much faster.

Level 10: Elevator cycles, fan cycles, vent cycles, and waiting for the slide token means that there are not many places you can lose time assuming you get to every time-dependent thing fast enough.

Level 11: I'm not a fan of the route in this level, but I don't think there are enough easy coins to avoid two trips to the kitchen and two trips to the bathroom in the same run.

Level 13: Suitcase cycles control the first section, as with levels 4/10.

Level 14: Airplane cycle controls the first half, and this is a really, really long cycle (over a minute to get it into position again). That trick to get to the boss without the airplane may be just too hard for a segmented console run, it is one of the few times I actually needed frame advance in addition to savestates.

Edit: This is not a definitive route guide - there are many new routes and tricks. Back in summer 2012 this was pretty comprehensive though.


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