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Published on Jun 26, 2013

When a Planet with greater magnetic properties than Earth passes close, the Earth will be dramatically affected

It will; with the below possibilities
1. Change the position of Magnetic North and South Poles of Earth
2. Turn axis of Earth by 180-240 degrees exposing different parts of Earth towards SUN
3. Change the Equator/Tropics position on Earth resulting in different patterns of weather (already noticeable with the ever increasing unusually abnormal wide scale floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, volcanic eruptions etc)
4. The Magnetic Pull on Earth's Iron Solid Core will move it closer towards the Mantle through Liquid Outer Core increasing pressure on it and pushing Liquid wherever it finds weaker points in Mantle, hence eruptions of Liquid (Volcanic Lava) plus displacements of Crust demonstrated by Earthquakes

COMET ISON C012 S1 "is on" a collision course with a huge trail of debris following it and Earth head straight for the after trail.

C/2012 S1 will pass the sun at its closest on 28 November 2013 at a distance of 0.012 AU (1,800,000 km; 1,100,000 mi) from the center point of the Sun.

C/2012 S1 will pass about 0.0724 AU (10,830,000 km; 6,730,000 mi) from Mars on 1 October 2013.

It will pass approx 0.429 AU (64,200,000 km; 39,900,000 mi) from Earth on 26 December 2013.

Earth will graze near the orbit of C/2012 S1 on 14--15 January 2014 and may become bombarded by a meteor shower

From December 2012 through to October 2013 it passes through Gemini, Cancer, and Leo.
It is not expected to reach the naked eye magnitude of '6' until November and may still be seen to the naked eye until early January 2014.
In October, C/2012 S1 will pass near Mars and Saturn.

It may become brighter than the full Moon.

In December, C/2012 S1 will grow dimmer, but, if intact, it will still be visible from Earth, possibly with a long tail.

C/2012 S1 could reach magnitude −17, (brighter than the full moon).

Russia based International Scientific Optical Network first sighted C/2012 SI late last year/ 2012.

Great websit below for all conspiracy related articles.


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