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Published on Jun 21, 2012

Download the full length album here: www.twistedimagery.bandcamp.com


Fuck the dear and pleasantries and hoping it's time...
I'm coming dope like some coke on the opening line...
cause if I have 15 seconds and less to impress
I'mma nakedly address, Megan fox in a prom dress...
failure breeds success so the hate just correlates
like teen pregnancies and a increase in abortion rates
while housewifes sweat up the heat that I bring
I got Justin Beiber leading the polygamy ring
If I ever go worldwide like a spot on a tour
I'll be talking to some people who I wouldn't before
''Bud lights'' pop ''coors'' for my cause they ignored
and jevoah's my witness that you'll come knockin' on my door
I got fans calling me out
so I must confess this...
like a broken answering machine
I forgot to leave the message
cause this is pure, raw lyricism
it ain't an excorism
putting the spirit of the lyrics in em'
by force, hit the internet with no remorse
I'll open ''sores'' then ''infect'' you like a trojan horse
as if I might-go-soft, not programmed with Linux
operate against the system while you mimic the gimmick
This is dope shit, so sit and focus bitch...
got record labels asking where the hell the chorus is?
I'll leave you fakes exposed
...alcohol anonymous
hack into the system
then I'm posting up the sign up list!
show me what ironic is...
you shouting from the bleachers?
or butt ugly plastic surgeons
fucking with your facial features!?
I practice what I preech,
you best believe it
As if I gotta pay a preacher
not to pray to jesus!
The bible belt is tryna strangle god first
With more dirt then a carpet skirt in a catholic church
but if you don't want truth... enjoy your drugs and food
I can spread a cancerous sickness like FDA approved!
Degrassi, I'll set a scene you better stay in school
with bum rap actors, just dumb enough to play the fools!
Who are you to tell me what my claim to fame is?
Tell me your favourite rapper, I'll tell you where I aim is.
So fall back little pawn and play position
cause while you play chest, the kings playin' racial division.
Protest music, it's the way that we listen.
Cause' your autograph ain't shit if it's on a petition!
I fornicate mind states innate with the poetry
and if it goes over her head
I'm all up in her ovaries
and sex sells in history, so vision this bitch...
Showing more skin then fur trading exhibitionists
You actin hard while the TSA teabags yah'
at airports like Rush Limbaugh on some Viagra
I hate liberals too... we share the same vein!
until' I got him poppin' Oxycontin for my pain...
cause to the press, your never white and a crackhead
you better find a fucking black actress instead.
I rap, don't act like knowledge don't apply to me
I spent all day in the lab cooking posion for the Ivy League
I gotta dollar, these bitches holla for pradda, ah'
product of a king, lion hakuna matata
lyrical slaughter,
your youngest daughter won't debate it
play it in the basement, PG-13
and still underrated.
Damn right I'm jaded, the cost of rap is inflated...
Like a mother of a prostitute asking you how you made it?
Aided by the hatred of everything you've become
we burried melody to the last chorus you sung
I took a swig of the propane, fuel for an arsonist
lacking oxygen for these flames like I'm starving it.
Attack a golf course, course a tiger wood start shit
then knock obama off his golf cart, get on par with it
an aids victim, bed ridden, cancer in his system
with no dick but got a pot to piss in
mrsa stricken, eating flesh no finger lickin'
the plot thickens, typhoid mary up in his kitchen
Mr. Salmonella will tell ya, no ones iller.
Lyrikill, lyrikilled, lyrikill killer.

Instrumental produced by Aftertouchbeatz
YT: http://www.youtube.com/user/aftertouc...

Verbal Artillery Vol. 2 coming out August, 21st, 2012 (delayed).

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