The Shatnerian School of Acting





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Published on Jun 8, 2010

The legendary super-thesp demonstrates some of the many facets of starship captain James T. Kirk...

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Of all the acting I have encountered, his was the most....... human.
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Joe Smith
Let's not forget.....Spock, you're half human!
You have obviously never heard him sing "Mr. Tambourine Man"...
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In Space, no one can hear you over-act.
Unless you are being filmed in a spaceship...
Well, Shatner overacts a lot, but his acting has a charm that I can't help but to love it
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AJ Les
+IThinkYouLookLarvely I see what you did there :)
+Lithium X - his acting was the most.... human.
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Some people, say that, Shatner, tends to use, a lot of pauses, and would have many commas, in his dialogue
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Peter Carlson actually, he was, bankrupt, and living in a camper by 1969. He supposedly watched the "moon landings" on a portable tv and told a little kid who saw him living in his camper that it was his "Starship" Lol. Source.... His autobiography!
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Vance Joudrey
He was a Shakespearean actor and his TV acting, especially early on, was basically stage acting. If you imagine it as live theater it would play perfectly.
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Raymond Leggs
Most tvs back then werent bad unless they were really cheap. or badly mainataned.
Gleep Von Reticuli
We should not forget that a lot of people watched the original run of the series on horrible black and white TVs. Strong colour contrasts and exagerated movements and expressions made it easier to decypher what's going on.
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Damnit Bones, I'm a starship captain not an actor.
Richard M
+Bayoneter Dammit Jim! I'm a gynecologist, not a miracle worker!
You forgot about Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sharon Tulett
Carly Smith - jelly
+obereen raises hand Did you know he's acting like a non-actor who's trying to act in that scene? It's actually pretty brilliant.
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William Shatner, the only kosher ham in the galaxy!
Adina Ispas
Well, most of these are taken out of context - the situation in the script demanded such over-acting, it's never a "normal" situation in the story. People taking over other people's bodies, manipulating their bodies with telekinesis, swapping bodies, weird viruses and spores getting into their bodies.... etc!
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+HerrSpuzzmacher Ah, so that's why they cake the stuff on their faces. I always wondered why they did that crap.  It didn't look appealing up close.
+HerrSpuzzmacher Richard Armitage was great in The Crucible. And I see no difference from this and that. Shatner is fucking bad and you admit it before your fan gay kicks in.
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Sharon R
I must start doing my homework...must...stop...watching this....
Jackson DeCourcy
thank you. Someone needed to tell me that
Yu've just earned a full scholarship to the Shatnerian School of Acting! Ster Trek was the first tv series I watched faithfully in the 1960s.
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