That Should be Me (a Justin Bieber Love Story) Ch.1





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Uploaded on Jun 17, 2010

There have been questions about the his favorite girl story and i will keep on going with that one, it's been awhile......sorry anyway on with the story......

~~~~~~6 years ago~~~~~~

"Hey Justin look it's your girlfriend." A kid in the hallway said pointing to me. Justin Bieber, I have a crush him. Of course he didn't have a crush on me. I had glasses and I had braces, and a really bad smile. I mean I told one of my friends that I liked him and she told everyone. Justin and I were best friends.We've know each other since preschool. He was in my art class. We used to talk and he would always say hi to me in the hallways and he would always sit with me in art class. He would come over my house to hang out too. Now he doesn't even want to look at me. "She's not my girlfriend." He said calmly. "She's not even my friend." He said under his breath. That was all I need to hear. I ran my short little 10 year old legs out of there. Justin just looked after me. ~~~2 weeks later~~~
I was walking to art class when I came to a corner. When I turned the corner I saw Justin. He paused when he saw me, and then just walked by bumping into me, making me fall to the ground. He said a quick, "Sorry." Over his shoulder and kept walking.

~~~~~~~~6 years later~~~~~~

I lost my braces and now I have a perfect smile. Lost the glasses and got contacts. I moved to California, when I was 11. My name is Brooke. I am turning 16 on November 18. I have brown hair, and brown eyes. "Brooke!" my mom called, from downstairs. "Hold on I'm coming!" I screamed back pulling my iPod out of the speakers. I ran downstairs into the kitchen. "What's up?" I asked confused. My mom had a smile on her face. There was something she was not telling me.
"Well I'm meeting up with an old friend of mine." She said. I nodded trying to see where this was going. "We knew them back in Stanford. She has a son, and you went to school with him. I don't know if you'll remember him but you know him." I was just looking at my mom. "They have a very busy addenda but I got them to come, so while I'm out with her you and her son can hang out." She explained. I nodded. "Ok." "The son's name is-" I cut her off. "I don't want to know." I sighed going back to my room "They are going to be here in 2 hours." She called out. I didn't say anything back. I got in my room and choose to lie down on my bed for a while. I ended up falling asleep. ~~~~1 hour and 15 minutes later~~~ "Brooke? Brooke get up." Someone shook me. I opened my eyes to see my friend Amy. "Uhhh what?" I said sitting up. "Your mom invited me over. She said to wake you up." I groaned. "You have to change for your guest." She said. I laughed and got up. "What should I wear?"
I asked looking through my closet. She shrugged. I sighed and took a shower then brushed my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror for awhile zoning out. I came back to reality when Amy banged on the door. "Are you done?" she said form the other side. Then I got dressed. I wore black skinny jeans with a black Ed hardy shirt. I did side bangs. I put on a light layer of eye liner then went down stairs with Amy behind me. I went downstairs and my mom was talking on the phone with someone. "Ok. Ok. Bye." She said hanging up the phone. "They're here." She said. You could feel how excided she was. I sighed as my mom opened the door, and a black Cadillac pulled into our drive way. "Wow" Amy said. A woman stepped out; she had black hair which stopped at her shoulders. My mom ran out to hug her.
She looked familiar. "Hey Pattie!" my mom screamed. "How have you been Kara." She asked my mom. "Great and I see you have done well." I ignored them and put in my earphones. I was listening to ignorance by paramour. I couldn't hear anything but the music. My mom waved me forward. I took the earphones out of my ears and walked towards them. "Hey Brooke." Pattie said. I gave a friendly smile. "You're so grown up. I heard you do gymnastics." She said. I smiled at her. "I DID gymnastics. Now I sing and dance."
I corrected her. "Justin doesn't know we were coming." She half whispered. MY eyes widen. "whoa whoa whoa, J-Justin, as Justin Bieber from 4th grade? as in Justin who is now famous??" I asked. She nodded. "I'll go get him, he'll be happy to see you" She said walking back to the car. "Mom. Why?"


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