Minecraft 1.3 (Snapshot 12w22a) - Tripwire Hooks, Jungle Ruins/Temples, Emerald Blocks & More!





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Published on May 31, 2012

Changelog: http://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/com...
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Complete changelog:
- Added preliminary Adventure mode
- Only playable using cheats
- You can't place or destroy blocks
- You can't set things on fire or use buckets
- You can breed animals

Improved the Creative inventory
- Added the armor slots and a crafting field between the hotbar and the inventory in the - Survival Inventory tab - Screenshot - Note: Crafting and armor areas will be switched
- Added a 'Destroy item' slot
- Improved tab graphics and made the whole thing more texturepack-friendly
- Added shading to the chest and brick blocks
- Added all brewable potions
- Made the search only come up when you hit the chat key
- Removed redstone torch in 'off' state
- Re-added soulsand
- Added Stone Brick and Cobblestone Monster Spawner block (Silverfish blocks)
- Now remembers the tab you were on the last time you closed the inventory

- Changed where emerald ore spawns
- Still biome-restricted
- Spread out over a bigger height
- Occurs in clusters of 1
- Added Block of Emerald

- Added cobblestone temples in jungles
- Mainly consists of various kinds of cobblestone
- Contains multiple trip wire traps triggering dispensers filled with a few arrows
- Loot chests include bones, rotten flesh, gold, iron, diamonds and emeralds

Added tripwire and tripwire hook
- The string needs to be placed manually
If you break the wire it triggers a redstone signal, if you cut the wire using shears it doesn't
- While standing on it, a redstone signal is triggered
- Doesn't do damage
- The wire can be up to 19 blocks long
- Suspendable in the air
- Crafting recipe for tripwire hook: a stick on an iron ingot on a wooden plank

String can now be placed on the ground decoratively
Improved half slabs, when placed on the upper half of a block's side they will probably be placed as top slabs

Improved enchanting
- You can enchant up to level 30 only
- 15 bookshelves are enough to reach the new maximum level
- Adjusted enchantments to fit the new maximum level
- Made the third slot always show the highest possible enchant, via
- Increased chances for multiple enchantments

Made experience easier to acquire
- You get experience from mining ores, unless when using Silk Touch enchanted gear. Fortune enchanted gear increases experience drop amount
- You get experience from smelting items
- You get experience from mining mob spawners

Improved trading
- Added trades that require two different input items - Example: You can get 3 pieces of flint for 10 blocks of gravel and one emerald
- Removed a few easily grindable trades involving rotten flesh or eyes of ender

Made all mobs more challenging

Added /defaultgamemode command to chose the gamemode new players start in

Fixed some bugs
- Fixed entering the controls section in the options menu in Spanish crashing the game
- Fixed arrows scooting up to the top of the block they were shot on
- Fixed the "Disconnect" button being called "Save and Quit to title"
- Fixed the game saying "disconnect.spam" when you get kicked for spamming the chat
- Fixed the game showing "deathScreen.leaveServer" when you die on hardcore servers
- Fixed the English (US) language file missing
- Fixed being unable to pause the game
- Fixed the trade output slot not updating when you increase an existing stack of items in the input slot
- Fixed repeaters getting stuck when loading a chunk
- Fixed endermen not opening their jaws
- Fixed using a stack of 2 or more buckets on cows replacing the entire stack with a single milk bucket
- Fixed an issue causing villagers, sheep, dogs and other to display as other types of the same mob
- Fixed the in-game player list being only a small bar in SP
- Fixed a small error in the /help output regarding /xp

New bugs:
- The end credits are unskippable
- Pressing F reloads all chunks
- Upon entering the End, you get kicked for moving too quickly
- It looks like the End doesn't generate again


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