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Published on Jun 8, 2012

Ok. So after reading updaduff09 One-Shot of the Contest. I don't think I'll be winning... It was that good lol. So I decided that if I don't win. I'll hold a marathon for you guys. It will include Falling Up. The first part too my new One-Shot Don't Charge Him For The Crime. Boyfriend, Teacher's Pet. A few episodes of Besties & Cheaters. I am also currently in the process of writing a story that will be 20 episodes and its called. Look My Way. I will also post Episode 2 of Nick's girl. Ok here's the episode.

Episode 25

I could hear them whispering to eachother. But I didn't care. I was face to the couch cusion. But I was so numb, it didn't matter. I get it now. Why my mom never came back to reality. It hurt to much. To take in what is really happening to you.

'Is she going to be ok?' Liam asked, and before long, Miley answered with.

'Yeah, I know she will be, just give her time, I'll ripe his throat apart if he comes here.' She said visusally making me smile slightly. Part of me wanted him to come here though. He wouldn't know I was here. He's never been here. Never meant them. He wouldn't know where to go anyway. That's a good thing. I tell myself. You don't want him here. I tell myself. But I also lied to myself. I wanted to be with him more then ever right now. Wish this all away. That it never happened. But at the same time. I knew, that if I was with him, I wouldn't mean anything to him, not the way he meant to me.

Then again, I felt the tears all over again. I gripped onto my pillow and held it close to my chest. Not being able to hold back the tears. It wasn't long before I felt Miley's hand on my back.

'Let em out hun. You'll feel better.' I sniffed and looked at her. Only a sympathitic look came back.

'I don't know why it hurts so much.' I replied and she brushed hair behind my ear as I sniffed letting silent tears fall down my cheek.

'That's a broken heart. It's a whole kind of other pain. Worse then probably any other pain. It's hard to go through, but I know you can make it through, you're the strongest person I know.' She whipped some tears off my cheek and handed me a tissue.

'I get it now.' I paused for a moment so she would look at me. 'Why my mother is so dead to life all the time. I get it.' I finished and the sympathetic look grew into something I don't know how to explain.

'I'm sorry, you really loved him, didn't you?' She asked as I barried my face into my knees and started crying again, I couldn't speak, that was for sure. She wrapped her arms around me letting me cry in her arms. Like a mother or a sister would do.


'Hey there little muffin.' Liam said as I entered the kitchen, and it actually made me smile.

'Hey.' I replied jumping up on the counter as he made something. 'Watcha cookin?' I asked as he chuckled.

'Even broken hearted Demi wants to eat.' He chuckled, and I giggled a little.

'Of course, you can never be to hurt for food.' I joked grabbing a peice of bacon set on a plate.

'Hey, that was mine.' I jumped off the counter taking a bite of it.

'Oh but you see, I'm broken hearted, you wouldn't want to hurt me more now would you.' I said jokingly putting on a puppy dog face, which made him laugh.

'Feel better.' He said seriously now as I smiled confidently at him.

'I will, IF you make me more food.' I said as he laughed and nodded.

'Fine, shut up and go wake up Miley.' He replied as I giggled.

'My favorite thing to do!' I said excitedly and ran up the stairs.


'Oh Miley!' I jumped on the bed as she groaned and I giggled. Flopping down next to her. 'Liam's cooking something, I'm not sure what, but he's cooking something.' I said as she laughed.

'What are you doing up? Go back to sleep.' She ordered keeping her eyes shut as I laughed.

'Yeah so you can sleep.' I giggled as she nodded.

'Duh, go away sunshine.' She joked as I laughed.

'But I'm hurting, I need you.' I joked as she laughed.

'Don't pull that card on me.' She said pointing at me with her eyes still shut.

'You did it too me!' I exclaimed and started shaking her as she giggled.

'STOOOPP!!!' She whined as I giggled.

'Liam sent me up here, its his fault!' I squeaked as she giggled rolling her eyes and falling out of bed.

'LIAM!!!!' She yelled getting up and walking like a zombie downstairs. Making me laugh and shake my head. I was still hurting. But leave it too Miley and Liam to make me actually laugh.


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