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Published on Jul 3, 2011

why I am uploading this video? Because of this conversation that transpired between me and Moyhead99:

moyhead99 wrote "get the sims 3!"

I wrote "I have The Sims 3, thank you, and I'm finding it way shittier than The Sims 2. Everything is easier, from wish fullfilling, to skill building, every expansion pack features less, it's done lousily and the only reason why I didn't throw it away is because of the open neighborhood. I could make you a 15 minute video just stating how The Sims 3 is worse."

moyhead99 wrote "then do it! :)"

So I'm doing it.

I did quite a bit of research, so I know that my reasons are good. If you do not think this, you can check everything for yourself. So my reasons are:

1. It's abnormally large in size.
The Sims 2 and 15 expansion/ stuff packs take up 13.4 GB on my computer. The Sims 3 and Late Night expansion takes up 8.53 GB.

2. The Sims 3 vanilla version doesn't have much in it.
Comparison in haircuts:
The Sims 2 vanilla version has 5 male toddler, 5 female toddler, 14 male child, 17 female child, 45 male teen, 57 female teen, 51 male adult, 60 female adult, 51 male elder, 60 female elder haircuts.
The Sims 3 vanilla version has 5 male toddler, 6 female toddler, 8 male child, 9 female child, 27 male teen, 43 female teen, 30 male young adult and adult, 49 female adult and young adult, 30 male elder, 49 female elder haircuts.
The Sims 3 base game in total has 5 toddler clothing pieces less.
The Sims 3 base game in total has 137 child clothing pieces less.
The Sims 3 base game in total has 273 teen clothing pieces less.
The Sims 3 base game in total has 339 young adult/ adult clothing pieces less.
The Sims 3 base game in total has 124 elder clothing pieces less.
The Sims 3 base game in total has 878 clothing pieces less.

3. It's too expensive. I checked prices on the official EA store "Origin", EA are know for not lowering their game prices so they might be exactly the same prices that they where when these games where originally released.
The Sims 2 costs 19.99€, The Sims 3 costs 39,99€. Expansion packs for The Sims 3 cost almost as much as the base game.

4. Requirements to run The Sims 3 do change after updates. If you owned a normal computer and bought The Sims 3 in 2008, after all of the updates by now it might not work, because your computer doesn't have high enough specs to run it.

5. Content leaks during the updates. I do not know how about you, but if I'm getting only 80% of advertised content when I'm buying the game and the other 20% is free for everyone and comes with an update, I would wish to pay only 80% of the price. Also I might not buy and expansion pack because I do not want a particular small modification it brings to The Sims 3 and yet after the update that modification still leaks to my game.

6. No tool that would allow you to modify and create meshes for different haircuts and clothing.

7. The expansion packs and The Sims 3 is done half lazily. One of the examples: only 2 floors of a skyscraper are working, everything what's in between is just a decoration while in The Sims 2 all of the floors in skyscrapers where working.

8. "Cheating" is allowed in the game. I'm not talking about the open up a console and type in a cheat thing. I'm talking about "if in this simulation you will have to struggle with a life phase, just set it to 1 day or buy a birthday cake"

9. Too easy. Needs drop way too slow and if you will happen to play with a Late Night vampire you will be bored out of your mind due to the fact that it literally takes them 1 second to gain a skill point.

10. Connects to Facebook. Even though it's optional the fact that popping up memories suggests me to do that every 2 seconds really annoys me.

11. The game has a store. When the store first came out in The Sims 2 it was all well and fine since all it did was allow you to buy exclusive content of expansion packs (such as hair and clothing) seperately without buying the expansion pack itself. And yet by now it's a large store of items that most likely where just cut out from the base game and expansions to sell and earn more money. Also:
1000 sim points cost 10€ and can buy you 10 haircuts. In The Sims 2 a stuff pack used to cost 10€ and add at least 30 or 40 things.

12. It's almost impossible to modify game files. The Sims 2 had it so it would be hard, but it wasn't impossible.

13. Change you made in the neighborhood doesn't stick if you start playing with a different save. The only way to modify an existing neighborhood for good (lets say you wanted to have expansion pack career options in Sunset Valley, so you needed to plop down a building for it) is trough The Sims 3 World Creator which is really annoying.

To read a further rant that I wrote:

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Lilly Pilly
I have to admit, now that the last sims 3 EP is behind us, I enjoyed sims 2 more.
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Borislav Gridnev
Sims 2 has easier world create but a secret hammer tool. In sims 2 I don't even know how to go to other people's house. Sims 2 has more downloads than Minecraft.
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Why are people getting mad for stating her opinion? she bought the game! she deserves a right to critique it bc she bought it with hard earned money.
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+Duskofdead stfu
Sims is one of those game series, and most Blizzard franchises are the same way, where a lot of its gamers are very very devoted obsessives who pretty much set their clock by just this one series or this one developer and know little or nothing about what's normal, common, or a good deal in the gaming industry in general-- or even what good game design is.  The fact that Sims 3 slowly added in all the stuff that Sims 2 had except with a lot of it being spread out across microtransactions in the Sims store (therefore costing you a lot more money to access all the content when you add it all together) alone was a way in which The Sims 3 stepped down from The Sims 2 as far as value and quality, but people who are just irrationally emotionally devoted to one single game or dev are never going to be swayed by any rational or reasoned criticism.
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Krissy Diggs
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Sims 3 kind of phones it in. It's just not as fun. 
Jeai Play
i agre its 5 gb but whay the fuck would you buy the sims 3 and you can bget it for free
I prefer the sims 4 and the sims 2. They both rarely lag. (Well at least on my desktop) and the sims are full of life. In cas, and out. In sims 3 they were pretty lifeless. In sims 2 and 4 they look so happy and excited in game and in cas. 
ღ Shi Diane ღ
Yess. TS2 is SOOO much fun omg.
The Sims 3 sims all look chubby, baby faced and ugly. The Sims 2 sims looked way prettier and way more attractive. 
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Jaime Valladares
+X Bianca I agree. I just hate it when idiots can't tell what's good. It's their "opinion".
+X Bianca yes! I used to like Sims 3 before I got Sims 2. Now I barely play Sims 3. I only have the base game for Sims 2 but I'm getting university and nightlife soon. But the base game has so many features. You really don't need expansions for Sims 2 lol.
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teish peach
This is perfect! Haha, I love the Sims! Been playing Sims 1 since I was 7 and Sims 2 was so perfect even the base game I could play for hours and hours (sometimes day and night). I wish they didn't lose that charm that Sims 1 had and Sims 2 carried on with. I suppose once Will Wright jumped off it all went down hill.
It goes beyond that too.  A lot of the heart and soul of a good game series is the developer team that worked on it and really loved their product and didn't just treat it like a lazy cash-in.  Guess what EA did while Sims 3 was in development?  Took most of the actual formerly Maxis staff that had worked on Sims 2 off of the development of Sims 3 and reassigned them to other titles, primarily Call of Duty.
Blazey C
Your voice is annoying and you are just complaining to get attention! Don't expect me to subscribe
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Simmer 4Life
Blazey C Exactly
Jaime Valladares
+Cao Cao Dude your point makes no sense.
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My response to all of your reasons 1. Your computer has no data space on it. Otherwise, it is just a a shitty computer 2. And you care about the amount of haircuts each type of sim has? 3. Sims 3 is better quality then 2 an has more stuff hidden around in it 4. It's called "Glitches and bugs". THEY HAPPEN. 5. Again, you Have a shitty computer. So many people make youtube videos of that game and your stuff "leaks" Yes, you have a shitty computer 6. That's your problem if you have OCD cuz the haircuts aren't right and the meshes are ugly 7. This made it easier for the player to find their apartment and stuff. 8. -_- that's just stupid. Who in the fucking world would honestly CARE? I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't even use that cheat 9. This is more real like. People don't have to take a shit or take a piss ever 20 sim minutes 10. Log out of your Facebook. It works for me. 11. OOOOOOO. I HAVE TO GO SHOPPING. Big deal. 12. There are plenty of tutorials online. 13. That's why there are 2 different saves. You complain to much. Ugh 
Wow did you seriously imply that something like "dropping the amount of hairstyles or clothing offered in the base game, which costs a lot more than the Sims 2 base game did, by around 30-40% across the board" isn't relevant to this kind of game?  Seriously?  This isn't a game series that bases its gameplay around adding new levels and bosses and new maps you go spend hours working your way through.  The gameplay is entirely added through the content and mechanics that add replayability and variation in the various different sims you play and what they can look like or do with their time.  It is clearly a drop in quality offered to the buyer when you almost cut in half the amount of content offered in a purchase and force the customer to go to a microtransaction store and spend a lot more money on top of the base purchase to get as much content as you would have got in the base purchase of Sims 2.  And your come back to that is just "oh, u care so much about haircuts?" Really?
1. The amount of gigabites that it takes up is similar on every computer. If you installed every stuff pack and expansion, it will be around 40 GB. Due to how libraries for games are normally done, such amount of space taken can not be optimized well.  2. Yes. I care about customization. 3. That has to do with price how? 4. Requirements change is not a glitch or a bug. 5. So if they include the washing machines from Ambitions into a free update, it's my PCs fault? :D 6. Wait, what? How wanting to mod is having OCD?  7. If they removed all houses in the neighborhood except for yours it would be easier for the player to find the right house too. What kind of argument is this? 8. Who cares that you're openly allowed to skip life stages? People that actually want difficulty in games. 9. They don't have to sleep or eat like ever, right? - 11. Erm if you're the one EARNING that money, it is a big deal.
EA ruined Sims 3
Alex petrozza
Not the 1st time EA ruin their own franchises (Need For Speed and Battlefield are examples)
Louis Shields
You know what The Sims is reminding me off? Saints Row. Both had okay first games, both had amazing second games, both had a crap third game and both had an even crappier fourth game.
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