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Published on Jun 26, 2012

"Ouch! what was that for?!" Joe deamnded glaring at Sel he rubbed the back of his head.
'She didn't mean it that way." Sel scolded they all headed towards the exit with an angry Taylor behind them.
"I know, heck if I were to even mention something sexual about her I would probably be in jail." Joe protested, they all looked him curiously and Demi raised her eyebrows.
"Why do you think that?" she demanded hands on her hips, Joe rolled his eyes.
"You're like what thirteen, its totally illegal for me to think anything let alone do anything." Joe explained, Demi narrowed her eyes and pushed past him.
"I'm fifteen think you very much, is the fact that I look like thirteen going to be problem?" she asked curiously, he shrugged and follwed her ignoring Taylor when she tried to talk to him.
"No, its fine I'm just suprirsed. I have a problem of letting my feelings show." Joe grumbled, Demi smiled slightly and waved to Sel.
"See you guys at dinner!" she called out, Sel waved back watching concerned.
"Don't worry Sel, Joe might be a jerk sometimes but he won't hurt her." Nick said softly, Taylor glared at Nick and marched up to him.
"Tell Joe, he better stay away from that girl." She warned, he raised his eyebrows smiling slightly.
"yeah, I'll get right on that. Seeing how she's is partner." Nick said rolling his eyes, she snarled at him and grabbed Taylor's arm storming out the door.
"Great, just when we hoped there would be no drama, Taylor show's up along with Ashley." Kevin grumbled standing behind them, they smiled gently and saw the annoyed look in his eyes.
"What's wrong?" Sel asked curiously, Kevin looked around as if to make sure no one was listening.
"Uh, my partner is crazy." Kevin blurted, Sel's eyes widened and she held back a smile.
"So you noticed that she's like in love with you?" she teased, he glared at her rubbing his face.
"I hope we get eliminated, maybe I'll mess up on purposed." he grumbled, Nick rolled his eyes.
"Come on it can't be that bad." He said smiling, his eyes widened when Ashley ran up throwing her arm around Kevin.
"Come on hunni, lets go practice." Sel put a hand over her mouth to hide her smirk and Kevin sighed following her.
"Help me." He mouthed, Nick burst out laughing and Sel hit him gently.
"ouch." Nick whined, Sel grinned raising her eyebrows. She backed him up towards her dressing room.
"Aww, would you like me to kiss you to make you feel better?"she asked raising her eybrows, he grinned and puleld her into the room shutting the door.
"Do you know how hard its been to pretend not to know you. I even got asked if I was gay" Nick pouted, Sel giggled throwing her arms around his neck.
"Well baby, we both know that's not true." she teased, he chuckled and kissed her deeply.

"So do you have any dancing experience?" Demi asked cuirously, Joe was standing in her room looking around in awe.
"Dammnn, I'm more famous than you and no my room is not this nice." Joe murmered looking around, Demi rolled her eyes and pushed open a seperate door and motioned him through.
"Well this is the practice room." Demi announced, Joe sighed shaking his head.
"Taylor is going to have a cow." He groaned, Demi raised her eyebrows.
"You never seemed the type who gave a shit what other people thought." Demi stated, he looked at her surprised and she moved towards a closet grabbing some shoes.
'Well, I mean I don't really care its just she's my girlfriend and I'm' not to sure I'll she will feel knowing that your practice room is technically in your bedroom." Joe explained, Demi just sighed and stood up bouncing on her heels.
"If you prefer we can go to the public practice rooms where everyone will watch you." She stated, Joe shook his head quickly.
"No this is fine, what she doesn't know won't kill her." he stated, she laughed and moved towards him.
"So, do you know what the Waltz is?" she asked grabbing a cd she turned on the player and soft melodic music filled the air.
"Uh, I'm gonna guess that its nothing wild or crazy." Joe murmered, Demi grinned and stood in front of him.
'That is correct. Now your going to take me by the waist, come on Joe I won't bite.'Demi murmered, Joe rolled his eyes.."Hard."
"Shit, Demi dont say stuff like that." He grumbled, she giggled and soon was showing him how to dance properly.

"That's perfect Kevin, I knew you would be a great dancer." Ashley said grinning, Kevin grinned back hoping to stay on her good side so that she wouldn't do anything crazy.
"Thanks, your a great teacher." Kevin replied, they were doing the salsa and he loved it.

"So how do you like being this close to me?" Sel murmered, they were practicing the Waltz the same dance that Joe and demi had.
"I'm not complaining." He murmered, she giggled and the music stopped playing.
"Would you like to run through it again?" Sel asked cuirously, Nick thought for a minute.
"Is there a way that we could spy on Demi and Joe?" he asked hopefully
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