Stephen Fry: The Importance of Unbelief





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Published on Jun 27, 2011

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If you assume there's no afterlife, Stephen Fry says, you'll likely have a fuller, more interesting life.

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Shahim Shaar
My goal in life is to acquire .05% of Stephen Fry's knowledge. What a brilliant educated man.
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Greg David L
Stephen Fry: you are a true gentleman and a truly open mind.
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Victorious Yankee
 To all theists, if you have EVER gone to a modern western science hospital for a cure, then you too have more confidence in science and Evolution than in your fake bronze age god just like us...you're just too thick to see it. Which is not a surprise to we rationalists, we've always seen religious zealots as the hypocrites they are.
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Prince Fancybum
If heavens full of homophobic, racist, sexist, religious people then I think I'll just chill with satan for eternity, he seems much more chill
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stephen tarr
i dont need a god, but apparently he needs me so he sends these boring unintelligent people to knock on my door and stop me in the street, and he has this incessant need for money too which is quite weird. Do these religious burn the donations so noone can come to harm from the evil that is money?
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Simon Stephens
Stephen Fry. If i was gay..... I would totally do you. you sir are the personification of a gentleman.
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Odd that religious texts do not mention....radioactivity, electricity, oxygen, magnetic fields, plate tectonics, x-rays, radio waves, calculus, trigonometry, nuclear particles, DNA and a host other basic essential building blocks of this universe.  You would think if they knew all about how the universe was built they at least mention them in passing.  But all they write about is all the stuff the human eye can observe, which suggests it just man made fiction.
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josh lewis
i love this man, in the most fucking gay way possible..
Alex Rogers
Religion inhibits progression.
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3 Likkle Birds
The importance of unbelief in false stories and supernatural BS should not be undervalued. But you have to be careful, because as soon as you call yourself an "unbeliever" its easy to become close-minded and bound. You have to admit that some kind of "higher" and more powerful force has to exist. We are just semi-smart little animals on a planet that is microscopic in relation to the infinite universe, something bigger is in control, we dont even have free will no matter how much we want to believe it. If we have free will, why arent everybody happy and peaceful all the time? Excactly, something else is in control. What it is, i dont know. Its not a god in the sky like religions say, but there is something higher out there. Google Truthcontest and read The Present. What is said will change everything.
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