The Trouble With Christianity





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Published on Apr 14, 2011

"Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them; and no man ever had a distinct idea of the trinity. It is the mere Abracadabra of the mountebanks calling themselves the priests of Jesus." - Thomas Jefferson


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A Graceful Watchman
Jesus is the most anti-religious man ever. 
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Carol Danvers
This dude I sadly went on a ''date''with last night told me about Jesus and I told him to go fuck his mother. I simply cannot even be in a room full of highly religious people (Christians,Muslims etc.) because their''morals'' are disgusting,their beliefs are ridiculous and absurd.They are so backwards and ignorant and literally believe in nonsense that I would rather isolate myself than be in the company of such idiots. I have tried my best to be as tolerant but I just can't do it anymore,this ''faith'' has made so many people spew such nonsense and have so much bigotry inside of them,so much racism,sexism,homophobia,and so many other awful things.Religion is the biggest evil we as people have created,and it's sad we need such a long time to get rid of it,but hopefully one day we will,and we will all be free,equal,no wars and discrimination,no segregation,no injustice etc. We finally embrace humanity and spread peace and love.
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So happy to not being a Christian anymore. Though I have to hide my agnostic view from my mom until I have enough money for a house and graduate college.
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Gage Smith
Well that was 6 minutes of nothing. However I did quite enjoy the fact that you ramble on so elegantly with your accent almost just convincing people that you're actually saying something. You make a few personal claims based off of a few personal believes all of which have no historical facts to support them. I will say this I wish people would quit wasting their time trying to minister to you you obviously are not going to change your mind by human words, but my faith tells me one day you will see God and you will accept him and you will bow down but unfortunately you still will go to hell. I wish I could say something to change your mind but what would I know to say to such an intelligent atheist, after all I'm just an ignorant Christian.
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Savethe Males
Actually Pat, Jesus makes claims of his own divinity as early as in Mark's accounts, which are the earliest one.  His claims to divinity were clear enough that his religious enemies knew what He was claiming, which is why they wanted to kill him for the crime of blasphemy.  Your idea of a fourth century cobbling of beliefs for political power would be a premise for a novel, but I think Dan Brown already played that trick.
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Joey Smith
Sure, God, Jesus and the Holy Spook exist, exactly the same way that the 1000 invisible, magic monkeys parachute out of my butt every night to giver the earth a spin and keep everything going! Hey, I dare you to disprove it!!! Warmest regards, Joey
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Ryan Lowe
Christianity is a total abject failure! Christians have had 2,000 year's to prove their claims, the greatest mind's of several centuries have tried and utterly failed to provide any evidence! Logic dictates God as the Christians try to sell him is not possible! What other venture in human history has such a pathetic record? Do you know what Christians I'm embarrassed on your behalf!
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Why has Pat not yet made a video about the absurdity of Talmud and jewish supremacy and world domination? the source of all monotheistic religion. or has he
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Wow, astonishing historical ignorance!
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Eternal Cycles
satan is just a scapegoat for the god of the bible to shift all the evil to this fictional entity that didn't even exist until the Babylonian captivity and an understanding of a total good god vs an evil god from the Persian religion. Hell is a pagan concept too. 
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