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Published on Jul 16, 2012

A couple of years ago, Cristina Rad, a brilliant young atheist girl, posted this very truthful video exposing the fallacies and bogus arguments of ultra feminists.
After being invited to the panels of SkepchickCON/CONvergence, she flagged this video Private on her channel.
She says that her reason for removing this video is that it was full of wrong and badly researched information. While that is up for debate, what is still weird is that she speaks out against radical feminism, yet she still associates with the most famous crazy radfem out there, Rebecca Watson from skepchick blogs. The same weirdo who caused a shitstorm over the fact that a guy may have hinted towards being attracted to her in a hotel elevator.

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Erazmus B. Dragon
I don't see why Christina took this video down. She claims it was because she did not do her research and reported "false information" in this video. The only false statistic she stated was that the majority of domestic abuse victims are female, when the gender difference is actually remarkably small. Men and women are equally likely to abuse their partners.
Presumably Cristina had her thinking "corrected" by more authoritative feminists.
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Kaleb H
My honest opinion is that Atheism+ people might have started putting pressure on Cristina and the way I see it, Cristina saw what the Atheism+ community was doing to their "enemies" and she just simply didn't want to be on the receiving end of that shitstorm and make enemies or friends of these crazy ass people.(hence why I also think her long break from the internet has also something to do with Atheism+) Like it or not, this is a perfectly human response to this situation, yeah, it's easy for you to sit there as a spectator and say "Well! You should just stand up for yourself! Practice what you preach!" but trust me, it would have done Cristina more harm than good, she is isolated in the middle of an oppressive country, I wouldn't want to be making enemies and be on the receiving end of a humongous raging monsterous flame war in my community either if I could avoid it. If I was in her shoes. She compromised, backed away from the situation and took a break from the internet, I refuse to judge her harshly for making this decision.
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Yes, the only false information in this vid is the bit about men doing the majority of domestic violence. It would have been easy for her to edit that out and repost. The reason she disowned this vid is because the A+ Femohippopigs probably gave her some 'paypal' attention. They're not short of funds thanks to all the hate-filled young middle-class 'oppressed' women out there.
She turned feminist?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! She's so smart in her videos :(
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I really dislike feminism. Some of this has truth in it, but the bulk of this is sexist BS. This does nothing to harm feminism. In parts it support their arguments.
Elephants Are Cool
My theory is that it was a deal of some kind. I don't think criticism would have persuaded her to take the video down. I mean think about it Christians and Muslims call her a retard on a regular basis. I picture a behind the scenes conversation like this. “You know we would love to have you speak at our event only apparently yore an evil anti feminist." Or "We would love to get you on TV only apparently yore an evil anti feminist.”  To which her reaction is. “Wait a moment so if I wash my hands of that one video then I can get the support to do all these things. I guess it was just one video and I have to remember the greater good.”
whatever the reason, Cristina taking down her own well thought out video is a tragic case of self censorship !!! 
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Will Baker
You're not a 'feminists"{Feminism isn't about "gender equality"; it's a gender cult term and ideology, about gynocentrism, misandry, and female supremacism}. There is a movement and term for what you are- 'gender egalitarian", NOT "feminism".
Tammy Jackson
both men and women are hard workers and both are highly and un deniably extremely intelligent
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