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25 USMC Pullups





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Published on Feb 28, 2009

A jacked Marine nailing out 25 pull ups! You want some training programs to help you achieve 20+ pullups or a 300 on the Physical Fitness Test (PFT)? and have some great information for anyone looking at the Marines OCS or PLC, including physical fitness, recruiting process tips, and more.

He admittedly does not have perfect form.

According to USMC rules, pull ups can be palms in or out.

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dont show this to crossfit
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Scotty Catman
+Ryan Pillion what you call pullups aren't pullups
tforeignguy l
+02Crimson  Yeah, Ive read that as long as you really know your form, dont do excessive reps, and you take several days to rest you should be alright. But the problem is that crossfit trainers can be certified in a weekend. That is, they dont have the knowledge to really advise people on working out.   There was a post written by a retired Pararescueman (airforce spec ops). He talks about several injuries he now has to deal with because every time he trained he would go until he couldnt go anymore (excessive heavy weights, lots of reps... similar to crossfit). Thats what they legitimately thought worked back then. Due to all the injuries they have actually implemented much more intelligent and controlled work outs. 
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Jason Soulpath
You know how i know none of you have served? Because in the Marines we do pull-ups either way. You can change grips mid hang if you wanna. You stupid civilians really need to just watch the video and think about how your fatasses can't do a 1/4 of the pull-ups he did.
Chuck Master
I haven't started the ROTC process but pull ups are no joke. I don't consider myself weak but 15 nonstop isn't a breeze like half the people in the. comment section imply.
It amazes me how much you all take shit. You complain about not going all the way down, using reverse grip, chin ups not pull ups, and all this other crap. I would LOVE to see one of you execute the same workout with PERFECT FORM. 25 complete reps and then I'll understand why you all talk so much shit. Until then, just watch the dam video and admire his efforts.
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Roger Smith
+Wendelle Benz Ocampo k. "Wendelle"
Wendelle Benz Ocampo
Roger Smith kys faggot
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Fábio Souza
Thats a chin up... not pull up
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Alpha Man
Devil Dog the guy can prove he's stronger than me if he can do a proper set of 30 reps of dead hang man pull ups
Fábio Souza
+Tony Montana no
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Brian Breedlove
All these people thinking they know something cause they took high school PE lol...... They're USMC pull-ups. Dead hang, chin over the bar, any grip you want.
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Captaín Kirk
+Abbie Turner shut the fuck up. a Marine would understand that those were not USMC pull ups or chin ups whatever u wanna call them. You must go from a dead hang!
Nick Ohannasian
I am from america and those were chin ups not pulls ups, they are 2x harder
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Michael Beane
Neat stuff. I have a video of me doing 23 pull-ups the form is not 100% perfect but at least I tried. This is the link Max set of pull ups (23 total) maybe someone else could post a video of them doing pull-ups above 20.
Ben Mapleton
Not pullups their chinups - how bogus
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Rick C
I don't care. those are chin ups!
Ben Mapleton
Yes, true for Marines. Not true for the Navy Seal PST test however. There only strict pullups not chinups are allowed.
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Stephen Hearn
he did 24 guy counting fucked up still impressive
Rick C
Those are chin-ups.
EastCoast Podcast
Those are chin ups but I guess they're seen as the same thing by many people. I find chin ups to be much easier.
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