USA Already Went To Mars : Astronaut Gene Cernan





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Uploaded on Feb 3, 2010

More Info : http://www.ufo-blogger.com The video is worth watching just for his take on the situation, but listen to what he says at the 3:00 minute mark."Buzz" Aldrin has released a statement saying that he thinks canceling the Moon mission was the right decision, but Cernan says that "Buzz" does wants to go back to Mars!! and he also support that but not on this issue. He did not only say it once,but twice

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like si vienes por VM :B
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cristian jorge
Algo basico Necesitamos aprender ingles para no engañarnos
+Andres Quijano Seguramente 
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shock 2thesystem
First of all, take good care of our planet and the people, cuz for me it looks that you wanna start another money sucking operation for another fake exploration of space
Jason Avocado
It doesn't matter how good we take care of the planet. It's still going to get burned to a crisp by the sun at some point. If people in the future want any hope of surviving, they need to get out of here.
Aror EclecticMusic
Vine por el mundo de kbza, luego vi VM y ahora estoy aqui!
truth seeker
Why can't we work together as the human race to go into space work with China and Russia and all humanity to get to Mars why the race between nations typical yanks selfish me me me!!
Charles Bowen
Gene Cernan is right.
jay lorenzo
If we go to Mars...all the nut jobs will insist it too was faked just like the Moon landings!
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LOLLLL Buzz does wanna go back to Mars hahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhaahah... NASA needs an F or a T somewhere for FAKE and TREASON...
Roger Wilco
Aldrin and Obama are right... the future isn't returning to the moon. We already did that with slide rule technology. We need NASA to develop new space technologies, not revisit the old ones. We need to go to Mars.
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Roger Wilco
+SgtBaker16 Not a bad idea, but an expensive one for, in my opinion, not a great return. In my view, I think we learn more, accomplish more and advance technology by pushing the limits. The technology, however, may not be here right now, to undertake a successful human-to-Mars mission.
I disagree. I think we need establish a permanent presence, possibly mine whatever valuables were there and use the lessons to expand the iss or build a better one and then go to mars and other planets.
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Kevin Bates
4.33 he says buzz wants to go back to Mars!,?
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Olteanu Florin
Could be something metaphorical like a text sent in front of the words
Buzz Aldrin in heading up a PR campaign among students for sending people to Mars. AND he may have left his Martian worm collection there and needs to go back and get it ..........
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Chromedome 2020
we have been to Mars with rovers, not man yet
truth seeker
What proof is there that rovers have been on Mars?
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