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Published on May 30, 2011

i messed up on it but i'll b dammed if i record this hoe again especially since i have to get it all right in one take. lemme kno what u think!!

on the parts i messed up i was supposed to be sayin..."now she got that itis too and she gon need a nap" at about 1:45, "all i spend money on is food i make these ppl rich, mite as well give em my check, the whole $536" at about 3:02, "Max out a black card" at 3:42. "refill" at 4:00, "but i'm on my 3rd burrito you still on your first?" at 4:10, "i guess that's y im at taco bell right" at 4:23

all the lyrics
"ross" eat like a fat kid no good hungry black kid,
farts gettin flacid, gas i'm boutta pass it
taste it'll lack it without this sauce packet
food from cross the border, this what imma order

"Kanye" tacos, tacos, nigga i got those, im about to eat, bout to eat like a vato. someone go and ask the cashier for some hot sauce, someone go and ask the cashier for some hot sauce. nachos, nachos, wit a lil guaco. im about to eat, bout to eat like a vato. someone go and ask the cashier for some hot sauce, someone go and ask the cahier

best food for the price hands down ha, beans, beef, cheese, sour cream and rice ha, and my stomache growlin louder than a polar bear, and my appetite as big as the state fair. matter what you go and get, nothin gon taste good as this, beefy crunch burrito boutta put some hot sauce on that ish, and my only focus is gettin some cinnamon twists and mixing tropicana punch with some cold sierra mist. i fell in love with taco bell back in high school. starving and bein broke in college it is not cool. i didnt have no money but could still afford that food. and when my friends was there they all had my back too. i went up to them and said i want a number 2 now, they said it cost six bucks i only gotta give em 2 now, only sold at taco bell that baja mountain dew ya how many tacos in my bag, kno i got a few now. ced you ate earlier, why you gettin food now?? maybe cuz i feel like it GOSH, I'm full now. boutta take a nap, ahh i'm cool now man i had that itis but i'm feelin brand new now. and i can never get enough of this. so mommy best advice is just to get a cut of this. have you ever had chips in your burritooooo?? ahh put the fritos in your tortilla wrap. now she got that itis too and she gon need a nap. taste so good man my momma i'm about to slap. taco bell get me right when i don't have a lot of cash, but it give me diarrhea out my ass.
"Jay-Z" tacos, nachos, cinnamon twists, burritos, grilled stuft, quad steak, quesadillas and border bowls. question, where you get every single one of those? i'm about to eat, boutta eat like a vato. stop it, you say it aint good you speakin non-sense. but for real it'll leave your but muddier than a swamp is. none of you nigga's done ate as much as i ate. got here at 3 and didn't leave till 3 past 8. killa, killa i'm murking the quesadillas. ate a lot but didn't spend that much skrilla. ate enough for 15 starvin children, everybody wanna kno what my achilles heel is. Tacos!! I can't get enough of em. but my momma she think i eat to much of em. all i spend money on is food i make these ppl rich. mite as well give em my whole check, $536.add some taco bell hot sauce, give it some bang, then i take a swig of my ice cold drink. taco bell i massacre, i kno i talk a good game but i can back it up.
"Nicki Minaj" Driving in my black car, faster than a nascar. feel like i can eat the hippo from madagascar, this is a disastar hungry like fat bastard, boutta buy so much i'd max out a black card. 1st off, let me get a number 3. and let me get a crunch melt, extra beef. thats somethin that a vato would do, for my drink, i think imma get a mountain dew, also, let me get a dang number 2. refill, get so full think i'm about to spew. and i'm all up all up all up in the bathroom, blowin up. whoever gotta scrub the toilet man it's gonna suck. let me get this straight, you say i can't eat, but i'm on my 3rd burrito you still on your first? and you strugglin wit that one what the hell you mean? if you havin too much trouble i can always help you kill that, extra fire sauce so i can feel that, feel that, came in super hungry and i'm still that, still that. i guess that's y i'm up in taco bell right?? it's so cheap i can afford to eat all night. but really really i just want some T-A-C-O's, forget hot dogs, eff burgers they're all gross. well they're kinda good but i dont really want those. just nacho's with a dollop of guaco. burritos, then you fill em with fritos. and queso, spice it up wit pico. it's a lil spicy i can hardly speak tho.. think big think fast not a lot of cash. i eat this, eat that, then i pass gas.. i don't want no hot dog, hook me up with nachos.. imma imma imma vato!!

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Comments • 117

Maya Torres
im older sister knows you and i know what state u live in 907
Tiera Michelle
LMFAO!! how'd u sit and think of this mess? I'm dyin over here.
Michael James Hall
This is awesome! Should be signed Def Ham! haha
i'm about to go to taco bell...right now fool!! 
girl6girl6 are so stupid (in a good way)!!!!! I fucking love it!!! Check out my video yo!!
This is my new jam. word to all your mothers. 
Ash Bash
Cedrick Finnie
@sp0rty1255 hahah my bad... but who gives a shit (i sure don't)
Callista Skittles
Haha the part about the hippo from madagascar made me laugh so effing hard XD
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