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Published on May 30, 2012

Hello! this is LOEN MUSIC.

As you've noticed, we've been working on the English subtitles for our MVs and Originals.
But sometimes it is difficult to prepare subs on time.
Sorry to announce this. T-T
The subtitles for this clip will be uploaded within a few hours.
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Receiving the spotlight as the rising star for 2012 with their triple crown with "Crazy", TEEN TOP is once again back on the scene with their 3rd mini-album [aRtisT].

TEEN TOP's 3rd mini-album [aRtisT] consists of songs that bring out their rich emotions and matured musical style.

The title song "To You" starts out with a stylish and refined melody and humming. The dreamy sounds and lyrics which express the earnest feelings of a guy unable to get over his lover combine to create an emotional dance song with attractive lyrics that anybody could follow along once they hear it.

The song "Baby U" expressing a guy's shy confession and courage adds to the stylish feeling with the charming vocals and deep appealing voices of the rappers. "Shake it!" has trendy beats in the style of lively and powerful club dance music and a stylish melody.

The album -- also featuring the Slow B version of "To You" in the style of a ballad with piano melodies and emotional vocal color -- brings out the musical maturity of TEEN TOP.

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TEEN TOP(틴탑) _ To You
「狂いそう」でトリプルクラウンを達成して2012年最も注目されている'TEEN TOP(ティントップ)'が、3rdミニアルバム[aRtisT]を発表して新しい活動に乗り出す。

'TEEN TOP(ティントップ)'の3rdミニアルバム[aRtisT]は、豊かな感性と成熟した音楽スタイルを表現した曲で構成された。

タイトル曲「To You」は、洗練された高級感のあるメロディーとハミングで始まる導入部が印象的な曲だ。夢幻的なサウンドと、愛する女性のことを忘れられない男性の切実な気持ちを表現し­­­­た歌詞が調和を成して一度聞けば誰もが口ずさむほどのメロディーが魅力的な感性ダンス曲だ。

男の慎ましい告白と勇気を表現した「Baby U」は、ボーカルの魅力的なボイスと訴える力溢れるラッパーたちの声が一団となって洗練された雰囲気を作り出す。「Shake it!」は、楽しくて強烈なクラブダンススタイルのトレンディーなビートとスタイリッシュなメロディーが引き立つ曲だ。

また、ピアノ旋律のバラードスタイルで感性的なボーカルの音色が引き立つ「To you」Slow Bバージョンが収録されるなどティントップの音楽的な成熟さが引き立つアルバムだ。

'미치겠어'로 트리플크라운을 달성하며 2012년 최고의 기대주로 주목받고 있는 'TEEN TOP(틴탑)'이 세 번째 미니앨범 [aRtisT]를 발표하며 새로운 활동에 나선다.

'TEEN TOP(틴탑)'의 세 번째 미니앨범 [aRtisT]는 풍부한 감성과 성숙해진 음악적 스타일을 표현한 곡들로 구성되었다

타이틀 곡 'To You'는 세련되고 고급스러운 멜로디와 허밍으로 시작하는 도입부가 인상적인 곡이다. 몽환적인 사운드와 사랑하는 여자를 잊지 못하는 남자의 간절한 마음을 표현한 가사가 조화를 이루며 한번 들으면 누구나 따라 할만한 멜로디가 매력적인 감성 댄스 곡이다.

남자의 수줍은 고백과 용기를 표현한 'Baby U'는 보컬의 매력적인 보이스와 호소력 짙은 랩퍼들의 목소리가 어우러져 세련된 분위기를 더해준다. '흔들어놔! (Shake it!)'는 신나고 강렬한 클럽 댄스 스타일의 트랜디한 비트와 스타일리쉬한 멜로디가 돋보이는 곡이다.

또한 피아노 선율의 발라드 스타일로 감성적인 보컬의 음색이 돋보이는 'To you' Slow B 버전 등이 수록되어 틴탑의 음악적인 성숙함이 돋보이는 앨범이다.

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Ichigo Senpai
For the people trying to learn their names/faces L.joe-the cute one Ricky-the cute one Changjo-the cute one Chunji-the cute one C.A.P-the cute one Niel-the cute one Hope this helped! ^^
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Laura Fountain
Who's still watching in 2015 ? ;)
View all 103 replies
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"The subtitles for this clip will be uploaded in a few hours" .... Three years later in December. Sooooo how about those subtitles
View all 18 replies
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Ruby Rwby
so many people say 2012 was an awesome year even for the kpop
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Yue Flower
Teen Top deserves more recognition.
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after hearing Chunji's part in TINT's debut song "Wolf is Stupid" I wonder why Teen Top doesn't have more slower and beatiful songs out... he's so beautfiul!<3
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Yuri Pistone
2:42: NOW KISS!!
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why teen top are so underrated?? i really like all their song..so catchy and easy to listen..their choreography really perfect..but their viewers barely to pass 10 millions..only Rocking mv almost to reach 10 millions.. i just knew them last year through don't i song, but i already fall in love with this group..i hope teen top gains many fans because they really deserved it. 
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still watching this on 2016.
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 I just heard Teen Top for the first time and I'm already a Shawol, EXO-L, VIP and Starlight and now I REALLY wanna be an Angel too ^^ Damn they are awesome!
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