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Published on Jan 2, 2010

Boyton Beach Skatepark. Nobody was wearing their helmets and a cop alreacy came earlier and said put ur helmets on . so he closed down the park for 2 hours, we were gunna stay there till 530 but we had to leave at 4 which blows.

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JC Pringle
Typical power trippin' rentacop.
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JC Pringle
+TheoSk8 Everyone is influenced by their parents/peers in the developmental stage of their life. The best example of this is, of course, religion. They start early with that stuff, and work hard at it! As you get older, you grow bitter about things. I'm 37, and I can't stand people in their early 20s. It blows my mind how shitty they are these days. "Me" generation, sums it up well. Now am I a bitter old fart, or am I getting sick of peoples' shit? I guess that's what you're driving at, I don't know. I'm just smoking my dank and talking shit. =]
+JC Pringle Honestly people like these are not born naturally like that. I put them in the same category as racists cause noone is born racist. Their weak ass character and big conformation they have established so they can enjoy a fake life is what made them like that.
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Chris Nicholl
They were told to put on helmets and they didn't, the officer closed the park because he had to. He did nothing wrong, the skaters were in the wrong.
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Ian McCormick
+Chris Nicholl i bet and Irishman could get the best of you.
Chris Nicholl
+G Furs I don't care anymore, mate.
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Aggressive koala
I think these kids should go and ride there skateboards in the street now that the skate park is closed.
T Freezy
+Aggressive koala Hahahaha You sir, get it.
what a douchebag....they run the kids out of everywhere else...make them skate in a little enclosed area...then put so many rules on it...it takes all the fun out of it...i hate this era...
They seriously have nothing better to do than to babysit a bunch of skaters?
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+Chief Keef 56k I didn't sue the city 
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A skater falls down, hurts himself, isn't wearing a helmet, parents sue the state for hundreds of thousands for not enforcing safety standards.  Preventing this from happening makes every bit of sense in the world. 
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Grant Greenwell
+Midas Bremer Not really that's just a stereotype That's just the people who are idiots
pannekoek 1224
Only Americans will sue the state and if you fall you have to accept it and step back on your board Stupid ass fuck
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Sour F4ce
"it's not your fault they're not wearing their helmets"  , "learn; to respect authority? hahah he's a park ranger. he gets none
...."If this thing ends up on youtube"....HA! xD
what a douchebag just kick the people out who aren't wearing helmets. Don't punish the people with helmets who paid to be there. Rocket Science.
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Marinko Svecak
And whose to stop the ones without helmets from coming back, he can't stay and babysit them all day, closing it for the day was the only way to make sure that the ones breaking the rules don't come back. Rocket Science
+anonymous I live on the Mississippi river....not on it...but near it. 
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