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Published on Aug 30, 2012

http://bit.ly/SFelect2012 LIVE coverage from the RNC this week 7:30pm(ET)/4:30pm(PT)

Elliott and Joe break down the DNC SourceFed style!!!

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Comments • 1,720

Maybe the WHOLE FUCKING MIDDLE EAST wouldnt want to nuke us if we werent supporting Israel. Half the problems the United States has encountered in the past 20 fucking years has to do with our relationship with Israel. Not to mention Iran could easily get nukes to blow up Israel from its nieboring allies China and Russia if they wanted to. We give nukes to Taiwan to aim at China, China obviously gives Iran nukes. Fucking educate yourself kid, ignorant fuckers are pissing me off. 
Ryan Callaghan
Everyone should give a shit. Legalizing Marijuana or even reducing the penalties for being caught with it would reduce the strain on the prison system substantially. If it was legalized they could also tap into the profits currently being made by drug dealers through taxes the same way they do with cigarettes.
Mmm, now see. That is where you are saying "It doesn't matter how big the chunk is, as long as the chunk is big enough." It's called being fair. 30% of my annual income is going to federal income taxes, which if okay with me. But the top 5% of the people in this country pay less than 20%, which is not okay with me. If these conservatives want to lower the deficit so badly, there is a solution on the tip of their noses. Make it equal. Why not? Because of the "big chunk" and "kinda big chunk" deal
I highly recommend exposing yourself to the philosophy behind the abortion debate. You might find both sides of the argument interesting if you care so much about the politics behind it.
If Iran develops nukes, which they are trying very hard to do, they are going to blow Israel, probably our strongest ally in the world at the moment, off the face of the map. Right after they do that, they are going to point them right at us. I hope to God that if that day ever comes, we don't have some liberal hippie douche president that is unwilling to go to war to protect us because "war is destructive and mean!" You know what is meaner? A fundamentalist arab with a nuke.
Another fun fact. I come from a wealthy family, but not too long ago while Obama first took office, I worked a lawnmowing job making minimum wage. I worked my ass off, and made almost nothing for it because anyone can ride a shovel. I worked on saturdays for 4 hours for 4 weeks after a year when I went back to school. I got a check for two thousand dollars from the government. For 4 weeks. 12 hours. Minimum wage. That was my tax return. 2 grand. That is 2 grand of someone else's taxes.
Fun fact for you. The top 5% of the American population that earns the largest amount of income (so if you ranked everyone by income, and took the top 5% off and looked at them) pay over 50% of the TOTAL AMOUNT of taxes taken by the government. These 5% of people are the ones that write my paychecks and the ones that create jobs. But sure, I want to sit on my ass and get a check from the government too. 
Obama did not get us out of Iraq. He instead sent AMERICAN SOLDIERS to LIBYA and started a new war which is escalating. Who gives a shit about marijuana? Who honestly has 5 hours to get baked and sit on a couch doing nothing? People that have no business making political decisions in the first place, that's who.
Marsha Reid
Woot! Conventions! 
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