How to get WoW Game TIme for FREE! (Tutorial)





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Published on Sep 25, 2010

Start now: http://tinyurl.com/Rewards1Bonus10

PS: You don't have to put your real address and identity. Only put your real identity before redeeming a prize.

(i.e. if you're not 18 years old, write 1989 as your birth date)

All of these offers are for US and Canada residents ONLY. But anyone can do referrals and earn prizes (as long as it is shipped via email, they will not ship physical items for anyone outside the United States or Canada).

Quick List of Prizes:

-Wii Points
-Microsoft Points
Nexon Card
-Various accessories
-DS/PSP system
-Lots of different games
-Anything you want, just send them a support ticket and they'll buy you anything (like gift cards and more)

1 point = 1 US Dollar.

Step By Step Guide (simplified):

1. Create an alternate email account at www.gmail.com (or even 10minutemail.com) and write down the username and password somewhere. Some offers need an email confirmation to get credited.
2. Sign up for the site using the above link. Give them your real email (they will not spam you).
3. Create a real address, phone number and more....
4. Download RoboForm (optional) this automatically fills out forms with information you want with a click of a button
5. Complete offers and obtain points
6. Pick your free item.

Tips & Tricks (highly recommend you read)

1. Use real info to make sure you get credit. You may get banned if you use fake information. MAIL me for information that is real that i use

2. Download Roboform! I HIGHLY recommend this, as it will save you a ton of time when filling out forms. www.roboform.com is the link. It is free, you can just use the demo version and it's just as good (don't pay for the full version unless you want to). It's a lot better than Google Autofill also. I KEEP REPEATING THIS BECAUSE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT

3. When going through giant lists of Yes/No forms, just hold down Tab and press the = sign to do it automatically highlight every "no" table. Be sure to say yes to at least three offers to make sure you're credited (I usually just do the newsletters)

4. After every offer, clear your cookies. Lots of these companies are linked together and if you have the same cookies you may not get credited. To clear cookies, click Tools and then click Clear Private Data (it may say Delete Browsing History), and check the cookies box and click OK.

5. Frequently make new alternate email addresses and use them in offers to ensure the company doesn't know your info. You can use 10minutemail.com but if you dont pay attention and extend the 10 minute time, the email will be forever deleted

6. Use Internet Explorer because I've found offers credit more often with this because the security is lower.

7. Be sure to allow cookies on all sites and set privacy to none. To do this click Tools, click Internet Options, click Privacy, and then slide the bar all the way down to Accept All Cookies. If you have cookies off, you will NOT ever get credited.

Proof it works and why:

This is just a clever marketing tactic that benefits you. You see, advertisers pay Rewards1 to put up their advertisements, and using that money they pay for your gifts while still turning a profit for themselves. It's really logical and I don't see why people find it so hard to believe once explained thoroughly.

Check out the "Look what I got" forum for picture proof!

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