Mega Man X7 - Flame Hyenard (No Damage, Axl Bullet Only)





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Uploaded on Jun 23, 2010

The Axl Bullet is weak and Hyenard is considered to be one of the tougher bosses in this game. But once you know how his battle works, he's actually pretty easy. Here are some things to note about this fight:

* If you fire at the front leg while walking, you can get enough bullets off to stop it just as you're about to jump onto it, avoiding all the crazy obstacles. I did this with a fully-upgraded Axl by loading Clear Data, but you can do this with a fresh Axl, too.
* Staying on the shoulders or neck will keep Hyenard on the head of the mechaniloid. Going further back will cause him to jump into the tri-formation.
* If you destroy the horns of the mechaniloid, the missile launcher mechanism on the back of the mechaniloid will deactivate.
* You can't target the horns with the lock-on system, so you'll have to lure Hyenard to the back then shoot the horns while Axl is able to face forward. As far as I know, you can't un-target and go into a free-shot mode, so this is the only way to shoot at them.
* Destroying the horns is not required; it just makes the battle go a little faster.
* It's possible to avoid damage while Hyenard and his clones are in tri-formation, but it's a lot more difficult. It's also difficult to get out of the tri-formation once it starts, especially if you're trying to not take damage (in fact, I don't even know if you can get out of it without taking damage).
* You can stand on the neck, but sometimes the awkward movement in this game will cause you to fall off while the mechaniloid is turning corners (too bad you can't disable the legs like the missile launcher!), and I don't like taking that risk.

The key to clearing this battle easily (though it takes a little while) is to keep Hyenard from starting the tri-formation. The fireballs he tosses from the head are much easier to dodge than three Hyenards throwing them in circles while missiles fall from above.

If you're just aiming to clear it, you can still do this with the Splash Laser; just wait til the mechaniloid is moving forward and not turning, and move up the neck and squirt him. You can also use Volt Tornado in its stead. If you're using Zero, just slash at him or use the Raijinshou. I don't know if you can use the Suiretsuzen while on the neck. Note you won't be able to take the horns out with Zero (at least I don't think you can...), but it's actually a lot easier to fight in the tri-formation using the D-Glaive and Suiretsuzen once you can get the timing down.


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