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Published on Jun 20, 2010

Mirror of TruthfulChristian2's video.

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My head hurts from where I've been banging it on the desk! This guy seems unaware that maritime pines have large cones and lodgepole pines have small cones. He also makes the the ridiculous claim that if evolution were true, then one modern species (dog) should evolve into another modern species (cat)! Also, monkeys 'deciding' suddenly, one day, to give birth to a human... WTF! The ignorance - it burns!
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Cow Norris
Thought Asians were good at science? Apparently the stereotype isn't 100% accurate. 
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frater chaos
actually, you are quite wrong about what Darwin said.. he never said things were getting bigger, faster or stronger... He also did not say we came from monkeys, he said we and monkeys both came from a common ancestor... if you don't even know what evolution is, you are hardly in any position to argue against it... And frankly, you are completely wrong about macro evolution as well, we have, can and do observe macro evlotuion, it's been proven beyond any doubt at all... If you want to see the proof, watch "Fundamental Falsehoods of Creationism" by AronRa on Youtube. All your arguements are based on logical fallacies. You raise Strawman arguemnts, you argue from authority, you present false dichotomies... evolution does not say dogs will evolve into cats, in fact, evolution says dogs could never ever evolve into cats. If you are going to argue against something, you actually need to know the FACTS about you are arguing against, and it's obvious, you like all your kind, do not know the facts (or you do know the facts and you are just a liar). Please educate yourself and stop presenting your stupifiy for all the internet to see...
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At least he is breaking the stereotype that all Asian people are smart.
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Evolution is impossible! The little Asian boy who doesn't understand it told me so!
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Ian Littlewood
Look, before you go into a public forum and start espousing a view on something, you need to make sure you understand what it is you are talking about. What you've just done is utterly embarrass yourself by spouting complete and utter nonsense. There isn't a single coherent, correct, logically sound idea expressed in your video and you clearly haven't investigated what you are trying to explain. Worse, you have made claims about people that are simply not true. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are uneducated and naive rather than truly malicious. Firstly, understand that our classification of animals and plants is as they are TODAY ("today" being a term to describe these things as they have appeared in "modern" times - the last few thousand years) Second, there is no such thing as macro- versus micro-evolution. There is simply evolution. Every generation is slightly different from the one that came before it. Some of these very small changes may be advantageous to the species, some of them may be detrimental to the species. The point is that, over millions of years, these very small changes add up to very large changes. Evolution doesn't even say that purely beneficial mutations are the ones that are carried forward. Some mutations may not impact the survival of the species and yet will still be carried forward. The fact is that the "kind gives rise to same kind" argument thrown around by theists is simply wrong. Speciation is an observable fact; I'm not going to elaborate on it, because the information is out there for you to read should you choose to enlighten yourself. Next, Darwin did NOT say that "a group of monkeys decided to mutate into humans"... that is NOT what he said in any way, shape or form. Evolution does not have a conscious driver; it simply IS. A group of old world apes split into different groups, living separately, in different environments. From those old-world apes, over millions of years, we got one group that became more "monkey-like" (we'll call them Group A) and eventually became modern-day monkeys (Group A1). The other group (Group B) became more "ape-like", eventually splitting yet again into two groups, one of which became modern-day apes (Group B1) and one which became modern-day humans (Group B2). For a long period of time the members of Group A would have been able to reproduce with members of Group B. But eventually, the minor genetic differences would have added up until the two groups could no longer reproduce; at this point, speciation has occurred. This is what YOU refer to as "macro-evolution". I'm going to use your pine-cone analogy to show you where you need to go away and read about how logic works because the pine-cone argument is so utterly lacking in anything even remotely close to logic. Your claim is that pine-cones used to be much bigger than today and so that is proof that EVERYTHING IS GETTING SMALLER. Well, that's a logical fallacy; first of all, you have a single point of data which is not enough to say anything about the relative sizes of anything except pine-cones. In fact, it's easy to show you why what you said is a logical fallacy by simply giving you a SINGLE instance that is counter to your argument, and for that I will use HUMANS. Humans today are substantially larger than in the past. Today, in Western Europe, average height of a healthy male is roughly 5'10" but just a few hundred years ago, 5'6" was the average height. Is this 4" difference due to some sort of evolutionary surge? Maybe... but probably not. It likely has more to do with better nutrition, a more varied diet, better health care, etc.
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Well, at least you are trying to think about the subject, but you are wrong on several points. 1. There are not two types of evolution. There is only one type. What you call macro evolution is the result of what you call micro evolution over a great period of time and a series of micro evolutionary adjustments. 2. No, dogs breeding for many generations will not necessarily stay dogs. Dogs used to be wolves. That is an example of evolution within the last ten thousand years. The same goes for any other animal. It will not necessarily stay the same over very many generations. It also will not necessarily evolve. It could go extinct, or it may be so well adapted to its environment that it stays very much the same. 3. Darwin never said species are getting bigger and better. He said they become better adapted to their environments.That pine cones are smaller today is evidence of evolution. The same thing can happen to a population of a large animal that gets stranded on an island. It will evolve to a smaller size to increase its chances for survival. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borneo_elephant 4. Monkeys in Africa are not our ancestors. We share a common ancestor with them from many millions of years ago. We are more closely related to the great apes, especially the chimpanzees and bonobos. No monkeys decided to mutate into humans. Mutation is not a conscious decision by a species. 5. Genetic science has provided proof of Darwin's theory. 6. Humans were not much bigger several thousand years ago. You have no idea what Darwin actually said. Before you criticize a well established scientific theory that explains a factual, natural process, you should first learn what that is. You are badly misinformed.
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That was mindblowing :-) One of the most amazing facts I've learnt in a while-> 'Charles Darwin said: "One day those monkeys decided to mutate into humans, that's what Charles Darwin said."' Oh yeah, good ole Darwin, the trickster...
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Jack bassman
Wonderful, Excellent spoof video, very humorous keep them coming
Taylor H
never seen a dumb asian before....seen plenty without common sense...but never dumb...keep talking kid...feeling better and better about myself all the time...
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