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WONDERLAND ONLINE! Traveling to Japan in ONE BOAT!

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Am 05.08.2008 veröffentlicht

I found the time to type up the intro over here since hypercam tends to shrink the text and not very many people can read it. I changed a few things over here so youre welcome to try and read the regular intro also.
Hello Guys, Today I will be traveling from North Island (by the conch shell) To JAPAN! In only ONE BOAT! No this is not a "Speed Hack" as all the noobs say. You have not played the game long enough if you havent heard of this or youre not very social :D This is a Trick I have learned from a few friends not to be mistaken as a Hack/Cheat (Glitch, Yes how else would you be able to get a boat up there?) Usually the more advanced players I have met use this on their Jailors, Steamship, Cars, and even the UFO (So yes this works for all vehicles in the game)

Ok now to show you how to get there all I am doing is rapidly clicking towards my target JAPAN! I've noticed many people CAN NOT do this and one solution is to make the game as non laggy as you can by making sure all other programs/windows are closed and dont go on a extremely full server (yellow or green should be ok. I've done this on red before though) This speeds up the frame refresh rate which I believe is the problem and a faster refresh rates means its reading all the clicks your doing instead of only a few. ! Words of Wisdom! DO NOT STOP once you start going because when you stop your boat tends to die extremely quick and blows up. I found getting to Japan is 10 times easier with any other vehicle since the boat is normally only suppose to last 10-25 secs :S I suggest you try hitting any other close items like Taiwan first before going the full distance to Japan. (Yes I know I changed a few things :D Good luck)

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