Native American Indian Spirit of Meditation





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Published on Sep 23, 2011

Spice up your special moment of peace with traditional native American sound of Indian pipe.

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Yvette Givens
as natives our true heart is to love all things the Holy creator has made....including all cultures and peoples.....live in peace and kindness.  Until we do things will not change...we are making our own chaos and unhappiness when we do not respect and care for others.  it's a choice. we are responsible for our own choices and behavior not others.  More meditation.  walk in beauty.....Nizhoni Ma ee
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The first thing humans need to do before speaking "love and peace" to eachother is to reconnect to the earth and nature..the way it was before religion came to be..
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Larry Schlutt
without religion the earth wouldn't exist. yes I'm part native.. for earth to exist our creator had to create it for us. I get what your saying but don't dismiss religion and make it something it's not. religion is peace, understanding and compassion. spirit horse comes to those that practice all 3.
Zachary Bell
you know what kiss my ass couldn't flip a soultice if Lolalo tride
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Lioness Fitness
.....video about meditation, yet most of the comments are about hate....the oppressors have screwed the world for material gain. all we can do now, is try to heal through music, healthful eating, exercise, understanding one another, break the racial barriers they placed on us, and come together. The more we hate, the more "they" win.
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Earth warrior
Lioness Fitness thank you for this
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Alex Ritter
Beautiful!!! And for all those who were making stupid comments (including those who call themselves Native Americans): Why do you got to ruin beautiful music because of your ignorance? I am Anishinabe, and I believe that one day white man and natives must come to resolution and evolve, or die together. The future is all of us together, Native and Non-Native, as One, and we shall have peace forever... if we Natives can learn to forgive and the white man, learn to accept... 
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Alex Ritter aho.
Alex Ritter .. thank you
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Yasir Sahin
Americans must be ashamed for killing 10 million native americans and assimilate their culture,language,religion...
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obi wan
You become a spiritual warrior, not a physical one. At first, the things you have read in this book will make you think more, but as it sinks in, you will think less and less. You will eventually manifest, The Present. learn the Ultimate Truth of Life, it contains the best explanation of the big picture of life in every facet. Google TruthContest read the Present
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Giovanni Garcia
+AmpdPersonification animism.
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Roselind Alvarado
Okay so I was looking for a name to this and started reading these comments. Wow. First there's a lot of hate here on apparently both sides. What's done is done and there's not much we can do about it. I mean there's no giving back the land and you can't kick people out of America who's ancestors inhabited first. Another thing the land never belonged to the Native Americans. The land is here and we all live on it for a while then our bodies go back to it. We need to understand that the earth is borrowed from the creators like time. No one is here forever. Love each other and the earth because wether it's Jesus or the creator a goddess or source they all teach the same lessons. Another thing don't let others poison you with their words. Venom can spread and hurt you more than it does them. Loving unconditionally can create a cleaner happier spirit. I hope everyone here is well and has a peaceful life.
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are you serious? Dismissing the genocide of 80-100 million Native Americans? and No, what happened in the past isnt in the past because it still continues. Im Native American and we cant just ignore wtf happened, nor how WHITE people STILL continue to take our land, destroy our homes, create genocide, erase us and our history and culture, so no... stop trying dto dismiss OUR history. wether its North Americans or Central Americans or South Americans... who are indigenous.
Josué Chavez
Very well said.
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Bin Lion
Freedom for native american people Fuck all People white Europeans Invaders Barbarians
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lmfao no... Chinese, Africans, and other races did visit the Natives and guess what?? nothing happpend! in fact information was spread around.... and new ideas. White people/ European people came over like little disease and lit. did shit that was not necessary
ok, how do you know you are cherokee? Majority of white passing natives are white..... and the government is white...
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Ashish Bagade
And we killed these people..........what worthless shit people we are :( !!!
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Ashish Bagade i didn't kill anyone
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Jackie Harris
I am genuinely sorry for the way my ancestors treated yours and for their continued abuse, I am grateful that there is one who is greater than us all ,who understands our pain and shares and shares our disappointments. What ever has happened, one day justice will come for all nations. Thank you for your music I love it it speaks to my spirit to my heart. Blessings and love to you.
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+Jackie Harris There is no reason to feel sorry for actions that were not your own.
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