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Published on May 22, 2008

sorry i haven't posted in so long!
hope you like it!

k so the song? didnt even think about it..

k, story

Joe: they come and go, but they don't know, that you [points to Emily] are my beautiful. I try to come, closer with you. But they all say we won't make it through
Nick: but I'll be there forever you will see that it's better. All our hopes and our dreams will come true. I will not disappoint you, I will be right there for you, till the end, the end of time. Please be mine...

*the finish the song and then out of no where pull out a dozen roses for Emily and Megan, who start crying*

Megan: aw Nick, this is so sweet!
Emily: yeah, guys you totally didn't have to do this!
Nick: but we wanted to! You guys mean so much to us and we wanted to let you know that [kisses Megan]
Joe: yeah, you guys are amazing and we wanted to do something special for you [kisses Emily]
Megan: you guys are too sweet

*they finish up sound check and walk backstage*

*they all sit on the couch*

Nick: so Meg, how would you like it if I taught you on of our songs on the guitar?
Megan: okay! That would be awesome!
Nick: okay, come over here and we can learn some now before we go on stage

*they walk over to a separate side of the room*

Joe: [looks at Emily]: wow, they seem to have like amazing chemistry together
Emily: yeah, it's so adorable! She is so into him... oh but I so did not tell you that!
Kevin: oh no worries he is falling head over heels for her
K: how can you tell?
Kevin: well, like I've known Nick my whole life, so I know what he looks like and how he acts when he really likes or even loves someone. And then there is the obvious connection you can see whenever they are together, which is all the time! Another thing he does when he really likes someone is always tries to spend time with her and does special things for her, just like Joe and I do
Emily: [looks at Joe]: like today?
Joe: yeah.... [blushes]
Emily: [smiles] it was sweet and I loved it [kisses Joe]
Joe: [laughs] good [kisses her]

-with Megan and Nick-

Nick: okay, well what song do you want to learn?
Megan: I really love the guitar in Inseparable, but that seems a little hard for me to learn right now [laughs] so maybe something slow like Hello Beautiful or Please Be Mine or something...
Nick: alright, well Hello Beautiful isn't too difficult... you put your hands like this [takes her hands and puts them on the guitar]
Megan: [looks up and smiles at him] okay..
Nick: and you start to strum it, like this.. [moves her hands]
Megan: [smiling]

-with everyone else-

Joe: [looking at Megan and Nick] wow guys, look how happy he looks when he's around her
K: I know! It's so adorable!
Kevin: I'm just happy that he has found a girl that he really likes
Emily: it makes me so excited to see Megan so happy too! I've never ever heard her talk about any guy the way she talks about Nick... it's so cute
MC: oh I know! It's so sweet, I'm so jealous [laughs]
Kevin: oh, I'm sure you'll find someone [smiles at her]
MC: yeah.. [smiles back]
Joe: but like really, this is the happiest I've seen him in so long!
Kevin: yeah, I know! I hate to like totally kill his "moment" he's having with Megan, but we have to go out soon, so we need him over here to get ready
Joe: oh yeah.

*everyone walks over to them*

Kevin: hey Nick, we have to go get ready the concert is in like 2 hours and we have to do our meet and greet
Nick: ugh, fine. Megan I'll see you in a little [kisses her]
Megan: okay. See you then

*the boys leave*

K: so you and Nick...
Megan: what about us? [smiling]
Emily: HELLLO?!?! How about the amazing chemistry you two have together and the fact that you are both falling HEAD over heels for each other?!
Megan: I wouldn't say head over heels..
MC: well the rest of us would, and that includes Kevin and Joe
Megan: really? You can just tell from looking at us?
K: well yeah. Like you are always so smiley when you are with him, which might I point out is every available minute!
Megan: sorry! I just really like him!
Emily: yeah we know, and Joe and Kev told us that they can tell that he is definitely falling for you
Megan: really?! [starts smiling]
MC: awwww Megan!
Megan: [smiles]

-with the boys-

Joe: so Nick, you and Megan seem to get along really well
Nick: yeah... she's amazing
Kevin: [laughs] we know how you feel Nick
Nick: [laughs] so Joe, how about you and Emily?
Joe: she's so beautiful...
Kevin: so you really like her too?
Joe: yeah
Kevin: you two are lucky; they are all around your age. They are all amazing, like MC. I really kind of like her but she's kind of young
Nick: so?! If you like her age shouldn't matter.
Joe: yeah man. Like if you feel something there, then go for it!
Kevin: you think so?
Nick: definitely.
Kevin: alright, maybe I will. But let's go, it's time for our meet and greet

*they leave to go meet fans*



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