[RS] Epic Hacking Runescape - Get Fast Bandos Drops (Steps on description)





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Published on Aug 31, 2008

Okay, I realize that many of you people are infected with a disease called know-it-all. This is not a 508 server, what ever that is.... The truth is that everything in the video is REAL footage from Runescape.

This video was meant to be a joke, I paused the camera, and resumed. Yes, some of you found this out. It became so real for a while though...

I hope that answers you know-it-alls, rofl. Everything is footage from Runescape.
Few points to make to those that call this fake:
- Bones appear before Tassets because I used hypercam2 at this time.
- Low detail still exist, I used it because any lag/delay will cause this hack to not work properly.
- Notice how the character holds the whip properly instead of like a sword.
- Notice that there are no numbers beside the guards name when I right click it.
- Notice that my character is moving even when standing still.


Let me tell you the steps:
1. Get 81 Bandos Counts, must be 81. *NOTE: I am not responsible if you get banned.
2. Go to Bandos Boss room with exactly 5 people (change worlds if there are already other people). Each of you must be fighting a different creature, you must be the one fighting the boss.
3. Make sure each monster has died 2 times.
4. Now this is the tricky part, you have to be very quick, in the middle of the dieing animation (after you killed the 3rd boss) quickly open up your attack skill window. Then open up quick chat, then go to tools, click house menu. All this must be done before the boss disappears.
5. After the boss is completely gone, I asked a friend to tell me, close all your windows (attack menu and house options) except quick chat, and teleport to edgeville using your AMULET OF GLORY!!! If you teleport to anywhere else, it won't work, because the guards in edgevlle and the bandos boss are coded in a similar format. Kill 15 guards in 5 minutes, you can do this as many items as possible until you succeed. You may bank, just don't log out or move into a different area.
6. After successfully killing 15 guards in 5 minutes, they will start dropping bandos items! If you want them to drop armadyl godswords, use the same steps but with Armadyl.
7. Once you think you got enough, quickly run to the grand exchange, don't talk to anyone, then sell all your bandos items. I recommend you get 50 bandos godswords, tassets, and chestplate. Bank if needed, THEN run to the ge. Sell the items at min price.
8. Log out and you are done.

Drop rates:
Bandos Godsword - One in 20 guards
Bandos Chestplate - One in 5 guards
Bandos Tassets - One in 5 guards
Bandos Boots - One in 5 guards
Any bandos item - One in 3 guards

You need 81 bandos kill counts because you need 40 to enter the room, and another 40 to trick the server that you are entering the bandos room when you're actually in edgeville! You must have 81 because you still need an extra kill point so that the server thinks that you are in godwars dungeon. If you have 80, you will be 0 kill count when you reach edgeville, therefore, it won't work.
This process works because the killcount will be kept when you teleport with quick chat on and you did all those steps. Because the Kill Count and the Quick Chat are linked together when you did what I told you to, because of this, the server will think that you are entering the bandos lair when you teleport to edgeville using a Glory, NOT ancient magicks! The server will think your in the bandos boss room, and the guards will drop any item with the word bandos in it. If you don't believe me, then go try it out! You must follow each step correctly, and open to attack window, ATTACK. Also, there is 99% chance you will get banned for messing with the servers.

Any bandos item - One in 3 guards

- Use another account to do this
- Use a proxy server incase you get IP ban.

Hacking Runescape and making price of bandos drop.

Sorry for making prices of godswords and god armour drop, I couldn't resist it, it was fun messing up the prices. You can subscribe if you want.

Rate, comment, subscribe!
Runescape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I am not associated with them in anyway.These movies are made for entertainment purposes only.
You can find Runescape at www.runescape.com


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