Pickup driver tries to kill motorcyclist.





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Uploaded on May 24, 2011

The video explains it all. A couple of riders were out enjoying a nice Sunday ride when one of them passed a red truck, who then tried to run the rider off the road into a tree, and then chased him down. The truck driver was driving like a maniac! The driver then gets out of the truck and pulls out a crow bar. Pass this video along so that others may learn about this incident.

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Christopher Spohr
The Truck Driver went to PRISON!!!
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Mac Daleo
+Sassy Frassy Learn to read.
Christopher Spohr
I never said Trucker.. I said Truck Driver..
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lets see, a minor traffic offense versus attempted murder. Hmmmm.... Dude was a pussy, he hid out of state then finally turned himself in because the cops were looking for him. He went to jail, and came out a bigger bitch than he was when he came in.
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Chris Kenny
John Starr Faggots and cocksuckers Damn man come out of the closet already. Its ok you dont need to be so angry at the world because your gay. Its perfectly ok nowdays if you like dudes. Dont take out your repressed homosexuality on motorcyclists.
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Keisuke Takahashi
I can't believe there are fuckers here actually trying to defend the truck driver. YES the bikes passed illegally. But that dosen't give you the right to kill the dude. Anyone who is trying to defend this guy driving the truck is another dumb inbred asshole.
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Edward Cunningham Cunningham
someone breaking the law does not justify someone else trying to kill them.Both were wrong, Redneck was criminally wrong.
they are both wrong. but maybe the pickup driver wanted to take over just like the moto did..
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Micah Nightwolf
That's why bikers should carry guns. Not to shoot at the truck driver, unless it is absolutely necessary to save the biker's life, but to fire into his radiator or tires and disable his vehicle.
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Monster Hesh
Micah Nightwolf only some autistic furry faggot thinks that's how it works
fuck google plus fuck youtube fuck these new comments
+MrHeyfuckoff americans go to jail too.... you've got the right to defend your home, but don't forget its also the place where somebody can break into your house lock himself in the garage and go after you for "setting traps"
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Wow, people act like they have never put a foot wrong while driving a car or truck or motorcycle. Regardless of the first infraction, of crossing the double yellow to go around Billy Joe Bob, he took it upon himself to attempt to kill another human being, he didn't swerve once but several times in a clear attempt to run him off the road, all four tires were over the double yellow in his attempt to get him. This was not I'm going to scare you or teach you a lesson, this was attempted murder plain and simple. If he was that upset he could have called the police and reported it. But no he wanted blood for his bruised ego. The fact that he crossed the double yellow many times in his vain attempt to catch the rider endangering other motorist on the road in both directions shows his intent. If you can't pull your head out far enough to see that your just as dumb as the redneck driver of the pickup. A child could see that the one does not warrant the other. Cagers drive drunk, on the phone, while texting having sex and everything else and get pissed because a bike flies by you? We are trying to get away from you left turning jerks! You will run into each other and say you didn't see each other in broad daylight! What chance do I have against such driving perfection?! None, so I get away from you as quickly as possible because you guys don't pay any attention at all to what you are doing with your 2 ton toys. Stay in your cage and keep whining, and leave the riding to us.
I will admit, you were going to fast, and you passed on a double solid line, but that still have him no right to try and hit you off the road.
But a cop wouldve dine it!!!?
Rednecks think they own the road and they speed whenever it suits them. They just don't like it when others do it. Because they are DUMB inbred douche bags.
I ride an R6 and I have personally known someone like this. He just hated motorcyclist for no reason at and always talked about how he wants to just run them off the road with his truck. He was a fat self conscious prick who was probably just pissed he couldn't even physically throw his leg over a bike. People like this are out there. Disgusting.
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+TheXL2013 because chopper driver are nice and drive well and motorcyclers are splitting lines etc.. who knows what happened before the video
Raylovescars !
+Ty U. I know right? Like im on a slow ass bike and if there are people behind me i get out of there way so they can pass but i harley guys can be real dicks. Some of them are nice but there is both sides in every community
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Every dumb hick in this video is driving like a maniac. All should be arrested and jailed.
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Justin Crediblename
+vanhouten64 there you go commenting like a maniac. The Nazi SS should capture you and waterboard you and perform scientific experiments on you. So THERE! I"M the bigger rule-boy now. I'm so proud of myself.
+David Dickey His address if 6969 S. yourmomsastupidcunt lane.
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Jake K
All I have to say is if I was in my 2012 GMC Sierra and these crotch rockets wanted to pass me on a double yellow line so be it. I'll haul ass but if they want to go faster and pass me go on ahead. Yeah I might kinda be like "come on man, passing on a double yellow line." But I SURE as hell would never run somebody off the road. I really don't get why truck drivers always have a big chip on their shoulders and think that they own the road.
Arsenic Renegade
I find alot of people with SMS (short man syndrom) drive big pickups like total jackasses, not saying everyone does, but i see it alot! 
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