How to set up an African Cichlid Tank - What Fish to Keep - Part 1





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Published on Jul 4, 2011

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Hi everyone,

This episode covers African Cichlid Stock selection.

In this series I will try and cover as much information regarding setting up an African Cichlid Tank. This series is aimed at the beginner.

I don't claim to know everything there is to know about keeping African Cichlids but I hope I can help fellow African Cichlids keepers with my experiences.


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Comments • 133

My god! Got bored as shit within 30 secs, and someone strangle that bird!
Was wondering if you ever did start to use the external heaters that you mention in another vid , I'm thinking of using them as they are much neater look but my LFS said they have melted there tube so said avoid them what do you think .... Great advice from your vids btw
Keeping IT Fishy
Can I Keep Multiple Male Mbunas Of The Same Species In A Mixed Tank? Ex. 5 yellow labs, 4 Red Zebra, Afro Jalo Reef, White Top Afra Hara and yellow top mbamba, 3 cuckoo catfish, Cobalt Blue, Lawanda, Blue Dolphin, German Red
Sovann Levin
What can I put in a 40 gallon I'm thinking peacocks?
Legen Alvarado
Can u do a video on cichlids colors I have a whole bunch of juvenile at least I think when CSI I expect males to take their colors and change maybe if uncanny watch my video I posted video of tank please help thanks
how many peacock would you put in a 60gal tank
Uk PcGamer
whats the filter u have in that cichlid tank bud.
I'm starting my cichlid tank (100g) and I wanted it to be based around electric yellow cichlids, what others can I add? Such as what species, haps, peacocks, mbunas. Thanks! 
What kind of editor do you use?
alan ganley
Hi there iv just bought a grech uv lamp cuv-510 for my cichlid tank do I connect it to the intake pipe or the output pipe I'm using fluval 206 many thanks all
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