Who's that boy Cameron Quiseng Story CHAPTER 2





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Published on Oct 23, 2011

'Did I tell you there's a meet & greet after they perform?' she continued again.
'Sarah, stop for a second, are you sure you're okay? I've seen stuff on TV, I don't want you to get brain damage or something. That shit is life threatening. ' She laughed, she just laughed. That's my best friend right there.
'No, I'm fine,' I raised my eyebrows, ' Seriously, I'm fine.' She repeated again.
'I won't calm down until a doctor tells me you're fine, okay?' I said with a little smile.
'Alright, alright, listen, as soon as we get home, I'll go see a doctor.'
'You mean, after the concert right?' I said with a little hope. I really didn't want to hang around here all day.
'No, no, no, nooooo! After the meet & greet!' She said firmly. I sighed, she can be so stubborn sometimes.
'Fine. But I'm coming with you!'
'Uhm, of course, you're here for a reason. I'm not going to wait in line alone.'
'I meant: I'm coming with you to the doctors.' I repeated. She frowned and shrugged.
'Whatever floats your boat, V.' Everybody calls me "V.", it's short, well, very short for "Vanessa". Except my mom and dad, they like to say my full name.
'...here's "ALLSTAR WEEKEND"!!!!!' Every single girl in the crowd started to scream. I was convinced I had lost my hearing right there and then.
'OMG! V! IT'S THEM! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!' I love her enthusiasm and excitement.
'"Allstar Weekend"?! I thought you said the band was called "ADUB"?' I asked confused.
'It's the same thing! "ADUB" is short for "ALLSTAR WEEKEND".' She yelled through all the noise.
'What? That doesn't even make sense, how is that short for "Allstar Weekend"?'
'I'll explain later!!!!' She screamed, while 4 extremely gorgeous guys made their way on stage.
I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of them before, not only were they absolutely beautiful, but their music was awesome!
'Who's that boy on the left?' I asked Sarah in the middle of their set.
'The guy with the bass?'
'That's Cameron Quiseng!'
'He's so hot!' I replied excited. She laughed at me, again. Although I didn't know one single song they were playing, I most definitely enjoyed the performance. I kind of kept staring at that Cameron guy.

'Hey, Sarah?' I started
'I have a new celebrity crush.' I grinned.
'Congratulations, when's the wedding?' She replied.
'When's the meet & greet?' I asked
'An hour or so.' She answered.
'There ya have it!' I said and winked.
The thing is, we could both say the craziest and weirdest thing but still take each other seriously. An outsider would most definitely call us idiots.


hmmm, I really don't like how this chapter ends. oh well :)

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