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Published on Jan 16, 2011

President Dwight Eisenhower's Farewell Address to the nation January 17, 1961

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Evan Gragg
Honestly I think Eisenhower was much better than Reagan
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Trip Waller
He's basically Sanders, a democratic socialist. It's an interesting way to point out how massive the shift to the right has been in the last 40 years.
Bruce Wayne
+Tong Zou no Eisenhower had a marginal tax rate at 98%, plus was very hardline on immigration, not very libertarian.
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Ben Johnson
It is fucking terrifying how accurately he predicted today's America.
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mark warren
more like greedy corporations and the pentagon(war is good to a degree)
Abe Wallard
Hey Lisa tell me what do you think of Donald Trump the king of the swamp?
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Can you imagine a president from one party wishing the next president from another party well, in our time period?   Also, can you imagine a president saying that he is disappointed  that he could not accomplish some things during his time, and that he hopes that future generations would improve on his work?  We are so arrogant today, and so combative, that it would probably not happen now
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Donal Finn
Haha! Well done! You summed up live on Earth in 2017 in one paragraph, not sure I could have been as brief and on point, I'm going to copy-paste your comment for further distribution, hope you don't mind.
Zerious Brittain
nidurnevets Yes I can imagine it happening. Clinton did it for Bush & Bush did it for Obama as Bush Sr. did it for Cinton. Trump is a national disgrace.
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Juggo fortytwo
This is the single most powerful speech by a President I have every heard, it is a an absolute perfect prediction of what has happened since.  There has only been one great President since, JFK, and he was killed because he cared about the people not about campaign contributions or corporate interests.
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Enrico Palazzo
2 now, but I fear Donald Trump will suffer the same fate.
JD Straw
+Juggo fortytwo And that's the TRUTH!
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Tong Zou
We haven't seen a real president since JFK died... its all been rigged since then
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Dick Socrates
The election of 1960 was rigged. Thousands of dead people voted for JFK.
Yo The guy wasn't JFK looking to dismantle the CIA or something like that?
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"You guys are fucked. Good luck."
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Frank_The_Tank _
_aesthetic remember we are a power so if we are fucked so are bud
Riorden Labedzki
+David J For all you know he could be Australian, and believe me it's not just Europe that thinks you guys are fucked.
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Henry B
There goes the last good Republican...
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Bruce Wayne
+Jordan Rosenberg Reagan led us on the path for all today's problems, trickle down economics caused the debt explosion, ass kiser of the military industrial complex, illegal wars in Nicaragua and Grenada, put millions out of work in the rust belt by promoting free trade. Reagan was a disaster like bush jr.
Jordan Rosenberg
Ronald Reagan
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He coined the term, "Military-Industrial Complex".  There you go, he laid it out for you.  I guess no one was listening...
Sterling simms
Too many people and news outlets (Fox News) thinks that large military spending means a strong military and less means a weak military. Most military spending goes to contractors we need to cut them out at least the blackwater contractors if we are to save money and face.
Because the woman were masterbatung over kennedys
This is the kind of video that matters. This isn't some young, smiling, fame-obsessed politician making up shit to try to win office for his own ambition. This is a man at the end of his political and military career who isn't fucking around and is trying to tell all of us, including our future generation, shit that is actually important to him.
Ernesto De La Cruz
What trips me out the most, Eisenhower was in power during the upcoming of TV and radio, or at least it seems to me. When i look at him, I can tell he understands the immense power these products can have over human minds. 
The last real President we've ever had.  JFK tried and look where he ended up.  Bored millionaires run the world now and what a world they have created.....for themselves.
I am not American, but Eisenhower was a great commander and a great principled man. Thank you Mr. Eisenhower for your service and for your grace.
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