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Published on Sep 4, 2010

You should have this gun in your inventory. Why? Because you don't shoot enough. Centerfire practice will bankrupt you and that discourages practice. Enter a high quality proven .22 pistol design that can improve your infrequent shooting habits. The are several great models to choose from but here's a favorite: The Ruger 22/45. It is a "staple gun" that provides amazingly fun and long lasting service in the recreation and training POUs. With its low recoil and lower noise levels, it is an unintimidating introduction gun for your new shooter. And as a fun and fast shooting pistol, it a great addition to your recreational options. The 22/45 is heavy at 34 ounces but as a infrequently-carried training and recreational gun, that doesn't matter too much (and actually helps minimize muzzle flip). From our 18 years of shooting these 22/45s, we find that both the Mark II and Mark 3 versions of the 22/45 achieve high levels of reliability. You will get an occasional jam which is on par for the type but with quality ammunition like CCI Mini Mags they are infrequent. The Mark 3 version superseded the Mark 2 version and both are discussed. The Mark 3 brought a few unwelcome "advancements:" a magazine disconnector (making both fieldstrip and quick mag changes more laborious; shooting without magazine inserted is now impossible), a loaded chamber indicator, a rounded trigger guard, and a thinned out grip.

The magazine disconnector is a foolish addition to the design but the shooter can make adjustments to it (or even remove it with available advice; all liability rests with YOU however). These features make the design more cumbersome and less ergonomic for me but do not ruin its overall excellence. Checkering on the Mk 3 is greatly improved but comes at the expense of the thinner grip that begs for thickness modifications for improved hold (rubber grip sleeves or fitment of 1911-type grip panels both work well). Other ergonomic factors such as 1911 grip angle, fire controls, sight usage, and feel are excellent for the designated POUs. The trigger is acceptable but aficionados (like me) will want improvement. The Mark 3 does bring a drilled and tapped receiver allowing the fun enhancing application of a pistol scope (shown) or red dot sight ("Hunter" model comes with Ruger factory optics base, once a rarity). For general recreational shooting and the marksmanship practice I rec' the generally excellent and fully adjustable factory sights. They do lack contrast but skillful application of high vis paint corrects this easily and they provide adequate precision for rewarding target work.

The 22/45 "Hunter" model wears more the more imprecise "V" rear sight blade which I do not prefer. I do not find it faster in acquistion, just less precise as the front fiber optic blade geometry doesn't match the V blade. Accuracy in the type is superb even in stock form, generally falling into 2 inch groups at 25 yards with stable and skillful shooting (selected ammo and trigger work will achieve 1 inch groupings). Durability and track record is outstanding. The gun will never wear out and it will pass from generation to generation if cared for. One durability quirk: in rapid fire drills requiring fast reloads be aware the top round can strip out and bend your trigger bar ("part #39 "disconnector assembly") as the magazine is rammed in again. This was discovered in TNP testing. Also for reliable feeding the top round needs to be angled upward (the 10 rd magazines are generally excellent).

Fieldstrip becomes faster with practice. Attention to the discussed reassembly steps will make it easier. Being a prevalent and commercially successful design brings lots of accessorizing opportunities. A variety of holster (like the excellent Black Dog polymer one), sight (Williams Firesights), trigger (Volquartsen trigger kit is outstanding), and barrel options exist (like outstanding but expensive Tactical Solutions Pac-and Volquartsen LLV barrel/receiver replacements). Be forewarned however that the Ruger 22/45 is a great project gun and it will be easy to get carried away. The good news is that modification is not necessary and it's pure stock form with bring great plinking and RunNGun enjoyment. Value is superb as base models can be purchased for around $250 (models and pricing all subject to change). Higher end models cost more. As of 2010, the TNP top recommended version is the Ruger22/45 "Replaceable Panel" version (#P512MKIIIRP) which will provide a better grip and customizable looks. But all versions are winners, even with the Mark 3. For an heirloom rimfire shootin' iron that you'll be using forever, it's money well spent. //////////////Nutnfancy LIkability Scale: 9 out of 10 ("Replaceable Panel" Mark 3 22/45 and older Mark 2 22/45)////////// Music CC licensed from Brad Sucks///Make sure mag button is on left side of mag so slide locks open!

Comments • 554

Gary Bowen
ah yes......I remember back when the 22 was the cheap plinker........now you cant find any ammo for it and what you do find is quadrupled in price from price gougers.....I miss those good ole days! 
Chris Kelly84
Same here
This is greedos gun :D
You're videos are great.  However they seem really long in duration. Maybe you could do a condensed version for those of us who do not have a lot of time to peruse all videos we'd like to see......say 5-6 min vs. 35-36 min. Thanks for listening..
DJ .45acp
Politically correct= get your goverment hands of my f***ing guns!!
DJ .45acp
"best safety is between your ears" -Hickok45 i hate the mag disconect & loaded chamber indicators
Travis Galarneaux
Which gun do you like more. The Browning Buckmark or The Ruger 22/45?
My understanding is that the 22/45 and the mark III are 2 different models. And there is no mark II on their site, at all.
Johnny Brown
+AJ JONES The Mark II was discontinued about 10 years ago.
Chris Kelly84
You are correct.
Backpack Nut
Thanks Nutn, just bought the M3
FadingToaster 406
just bought one today!
Jerry Frisbie
I'd just like to find some 22lr ammo :)
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