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Published on Jul 17, 2012

It's just been announced that 'The Inbetweeners' US remake has been CANCELLED By MTV After One Season !!!! Check this out = http://youtu.be/LObPZlEQ2Tw

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Jay's Reaction To American Jay - Inbetweeners USA = http://youtu.be/qPAiHsbJlFw
Neil's Reaction To American Jay - Down Syndrome = http://youtu.be/XsQ9CNMfMLk
Will's Reaction To American Will - Inbetweeners USA = http://youtu.be/VyimFmnoF9E

Will's Reaction To USA Inbetweeners Trailer = http://youtu.be/_jvVZuu8BqM
Jay's Reaction To USA Inbetweeners Trailer = http://youtu.be/gQ4AFqLcRbc
Simon's Reaction To USA Inbetweeners Trailer = http://youtu.be/BpNYi6_n3us
Mr Gilbert's Reaction To USA Inbetweeners Trailer = http://youtu.be/QOxXH-8d6Pk

Mr Gilbert Watches The Start Of The Inbetweeners USA = http://youtu.be/IK8ZzoYxObw

The Inbetweeners USA Remake - MTV or Bust? = http://youtu.be/TP9Sn9-RwCc

Lets Get A UK Trailer Trending, Show Support! = http://youtu.be/wCDuLbBEGD8

MTV has released the first trailer for the US remake of The Inbetweeners.

Featuring several familiar scenes and set-ups from the classic E4 comedy series, Bubba Lewis (Simon), Joey Pollari (Will), Mark L Young (Neil) and Zack Pearlman (Jay) star as the four teenagers struggling to be cool and get girls at school.

The Inbetweeners will debut on MTV in the US on August 20, while the British big-screen version will receive a Stateside release on September 7.

Speaking about how the US version would differ from the British counterpart, Pearlman told The Hollywood Reporter: "The high school experience is pretty universal. Awkwardness with girls is definitely going to translate."

Lewis added: "We've made it for an American audience. We've taken things from the British show and made them our own. It's a uniquely MTV show."

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Comments • 23,652

Well I'm proud to say this is one of the most disliked videos on YouTube!! Give it more dislikes please! It really deserves it!
View all 19 replies
Alexander James
+ryama86 Usually bad! :)
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Kevin Kelleher
Well that, was fucking dreadful.
View all 3 replies
Rep RiP
I think they bought it though..
Yeah you took my comment. Lol.
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Mac McJof
Jay gets replaced with a ginger guy with downs syndrome?
View all 8 replies
Vincent Barksdale
More like replaced by a wannabe Jonah Hill
Joseph Enrico it's just like being human the Americans these days copying our thing
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Toasted Plum
This is a joke, you can't take classic British banter and ruin it
View all 8 replies
Shitposter mcmylittlepony4chanpostermanwithafedora
look at top gear
I know, I just thought it was funny the way you worded it. '4 skins', heh heh.
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Liam Ritchie
I think this remake was created by a bus wanker
View all 9 replies
Maya Stilinksi
Liam Ritchie I care I'm English to this is a price of sh*t
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Well that was fucking dreadful
It got Down syndrome
Yasmin E
The British version was realistic as that is what it's really like in secondary schools across the UK, but this is just bullshit. They didn't even use the idea, they stole it. Script is word for word.
View all 3 replies
Frosty ZXC
+DeathMetalRegulator It is to be honest, I can see basically all of the events in the UK version being totally feasible to happen to me or anyone I know
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Devils Bounty Hunter
Why does US always have to do remakes? WHY?!?!? Nothing is even original. All the US episodes are a complete ripoff of the UK version. Stop destroying good shows America. WTF
View all 11 replies
Paul Allan
NO! Really its america! Not a coincidence most of the worlds worse comes from USA. Got SOOO much to answer for. Including wars, bad food, worse tv, bush, etc..
Jtothe ROC
+6laderunner are you a bender?
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I bet Americans think this shit is good lol
View all 17 replies
Anamika Mahesj
i thought it was good until i discovered it was a ripoff of the uk version. never again
Yea that was funny.
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They literally repeat the English one word to word....but no one can beat UK
Andrew Heard
+EthanAdamsProductions They replaced "Bus Wankers" with "Bus Turds"......Yay for originality?
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