The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 100% Walkthrough Part 33 - The Poe Sisters





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Published on Feb 9, 2011

I defeat the first Poe sister, Joelle, and get a Small Key. I untwist the corridor, which lets me get the Big Key for this Temple. After a bit of searching for my items, I defeat the second Poe sister, Beth, which lets me get the Compass. I then go on to a block puzzle.

Items Obtained:
Small Key x2
Boss Key
Gold Skulltula Token x1


Deku Stick [x]
Deku Nut [x]
Fairy Slingshot [x]
Fairy Ocarina [x]
Bomb [x]
Bombchu [x]
Magic Beans [x]
Boomerang [x]
Ocarina of Time [x]
Din's Fire [x]
Farore's Wind [x]
Nayru's Love
Fairy Bow [x]
Fire Arrow
Ice Arrow
Light Arrow
Hookshot [x]
Lens of Truth
Megaton Hammer
Bottle #1 [x]
Bottle #2 [x]
Bottle #3 [x]
Bottle #4


Zelda's Lullaby [x]
Epona's Song [x]
Saria's Song [x]
Sun's Song [x]
Song of Time [x]
Song of Storms [x]
Minuet of Forest [x]
Bolero of Fire
Serenade of Water
Nocturne of Shadow
Requiem of Spirit
Prelude of Light
Scarecrow's Song [x]


Kokiri Sword [x]
Master Sword [x]
Biggoron's Sword
Deku Shield [x]
Hylian Shield [x]
Mirror Shield
Kokiri Tunic [x]
Goron Tunic
Zora Tunic
Kokiri Boots [x]
Iron Boots
Hover Boots
Ammo Pouch [x]
Big Ammo Pouch [x]
Biggest Ammo Pouch [x]
Quiver [x]
Big Quiver
Biggest Quiver
Bomb Bag [x]
Big Bomb Bag [x]
Biggest Bomb Bag [x]
Goron's Bracelet [x]
Silver Gauntlets
Golden Gauntlets
Child's Wallet [x]
Adult's Wallet [x]
Giant's Wallet [x]
Silver Scale [x]
Golden Scale


Super Spin Attack [x]
Magic Meter [x]
Extended Magic Meter
Enhanced Defense
Deku Stick Capacity Upgrade #1 [x]
Deku Stick Capacity Upgrade #2 [x]
Deku Nut Capacity Upgrade #1 [x]
Deku Nut Capacity Upgrade #2 [x]
Epona [x]
Pierre the Wandering Scarecrow

Quest Items:

Kokiri's Emerald [x]
Goron's Ruby [x]
Zora's Sapphire [x]
Light Medallion [x]
Forest Medallion
Fire Medallion
Water Medallion
Shadow Medallion
Spirit Medallion
Stone of Agony [x]
Gerudo's Membership Card


Weird Egg [x]
Chicken [x]
Zelda's Letter [x]
Keaton Mask [x]
Skull Mask [x]
Spooky Mask [x]
Bunny Hood [x]
Mask of Truth [x]
Goron Mask [x]
Zora Mask [x]
Gerudo Mask [x]

Trading Sidequest:

Pocket Egg
Pocket Cucco
Odd Mushroom
Odd Potion
Poacher's Saw
Broken Goron's Sword
Eyeball Frog
Biggoron's Eyedrops
Claim Check

Heart Containers: 10/20
Heart Pieces: 19/36
Gold Skulltula Tokens : 52/100

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