I Wish One Day.. [ A Justin Bieber Love Story] \\ Part 13





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Published on Mar 6, 2010

The Next Day...

Sam: * Wakes up and sees Justin Her bedside* Hey * yawns and stretches*
Justin: * kisses her forehead* Did you have a good night sleep?
Sam: Yea.
Justin: Well.. get ready. I've got some people to show you too. Come downstairs when you're ready.
Sam: Okay.
Justin: * kisses her cheek* See ya downstairs. * leaves*
Sam: * gets ready and changes into http://www.polyvore.com/home_as_veron... * * ties her hair into a messy bun* * goes downstairs*


Sam: * reaches the living room and sees people* * they don't see her yet so she hides and peeks*
Justin: * comes behind her* * holds her waist* * whispers into her ear* Ready?
Sam; * jumps back scared* * turns around* * sighs in relief* Oh. It's you.
Justin: Yea. * looks at her outfit* I like it.
Sam: Thanks. Now let's go.
Justin: * holds her hand* Come on. * brings her into the living room*

In the Living Room

Justin: Sam, I would like for you to meet Caitlin * points to her* Christian * points to christian* And Chaz * points to Chaz*
Caitlin: * gets up and hugs Sam* Nice to meet you.
Sam: * smiles* I'm Sam. * sits next to her*
Caitlin: I've got a lot to tell you about Justin.
Sam: Like what?
Justin: Caitlin. DON'T!
Caitlin: Oh, i will tell her late. but not now. * whispers to Sam in her ear* He can be soo weird sometimes.
Justin: CAITLIN!
Sam: * giggles* It's nothing stupid. It's just that you act weird. So do i.
Christian: She's got a point there Justin.
Justin: Okay then.
Ryan: * comes in eating a donut* This is good.
Sam: You know that was Maddie's donut right?
Ryan: Oops. * stufs it in his mouth* There.
Chaz: I wanted some!
Ryan: Too Bad. * grins*
Christian: So Sam.. Is it true that You're Justin's Girlfriend?
Sam: * blushes and nods*
Justin: * sits next to Sam* Awwe! My Wittle Sammie is Blushing!
Sam: * glares playfully at him*
Justin: I really need to shut up.
Caitlin: Awwe. You guys are the most cutest couple ever!
Sam: Thanks.
Christian and Chaz: Just wish my girlfriend was here. * crosses their arms*
Ryan: Suck it up. * leans against the door but misses. Falls*
Everyone else: * laugs*
Ryan: Not funny!

That's it for now! Will post later on.


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