Christianity or Atheism: Which makes more sense?





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Published on Mar 28, 2014

A debate between Herb Silverman (Secular Coalition for America, Secular Humanist of the Lowcountry) and Wallace Marshall (Reasonable Faith - Charleston). Held at the College of Charleston on March 20, 2014. Moderated by Adam Parker (Post and Courier).

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Thanks for posting Dr. Silverman. I loved hearing you speak. I only wish you would have pointed out that all the so called evidence Mr. Marshall attributed to his Christian god can also be applied to Magical Invisible Fire Breathing Unicorn, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, The Evil Society of Leprechauns, etc... 
+Herb Silverman Indeed. But they need to be cut off at the knees whenever they think their popularity and literature gives them special standing and credibility. Early on he said not believing in God is a belief in itself. He needs to understand that like saying not believing in the Transparent Pink Striped Zebra is a belief in itself.
Herb Silverman
I agree that the credible evidence for all that you mention are the same, but there are more believers and books written about the Christian god. 
Vartika Vikram
Wow!!! I had no idea that ATHEIST'S could be soooooooooooo mean sprited.. 
Since atheism makes sense and christianity makes no sense, the answer is obvious(for anybody with a working brain).
That Wallace Marshall is a great speaker. He is so intellligent and astute. He's argument for Christianity is so much stronger than Herb Silvermans argument for Atheism.
Wow! That Wallace Marshall really knows what he is talking about. How educated and astute he is! I was very impressed. The atheist seemed so weak in his debate for his disbeliefs.  
Attila Csakberenyi
What kind of "evil" this imaginary god hates? Evil like : torture forever or watching other people being tortured for ever? 
Tyler Ferrari
Herb touches on a number of the most compelling arguments supporting the notion that the basis of religion is manmade. Very well delivered - I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for posting.
Roger Davies
If Christianity is correct and our immortal souls are forfeit why is it such a mystery.
Christianity or Atheism: Which makes more sense? Like it's even a question...  And before Christians start replying in favor of their delusions, Christianity does NOT make sense. In any way. 
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+walter mcthenney"we get the perfect dimentions of a ship from the bible."  You mean Noah's ark? Maybe you have not noticed yet, but nobody has EVER floated a wooden boat that size. You know why? It's because a wooden boat that size would fall apart under its own weight. 
+walter mcthenney Evolution is a non-random process, the mutations are random but the process is not, it is not left to chance by any stretch of the imagination. Evolution by natural selection is a proven fact, the fact will not change based on the past, present or future. Proven fact. It is as proven as the earth orbits the sun, gravity and the age of the earth.  Evolution by natural selection works exactly because it is unguided, that is the core of it.  DNA does not require intelligence, that you say that proves you are not a student of biology.  It is true you get the perfect dimensions of a ship. Those dimensions + two of every species = bible is false.
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Doug Scown
OMG please stop! I lost count how many purely factual/definition errors there were 2 minutes in. I stopped listening. Appologies to Mr Silverman. Your brain must've hurt.
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