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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Speedrun - 3 Medals (Bam/Andrew/Jamie/OD) - 3:55





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Published on Jan 30, 2013

I did it.

Edit: Since I'm getting Reddit bombed, maybe a more descriptive description would be appropriate. This is a single segment run of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 on PC done BY HAND; no cheats or external tools were used in the making of this run. The goal is just to medal the 3 competitions.

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Q: Why not complete everything? You skipped a lot of goals and didn't even go to Cruise Ship.
A: It makes for an interesting and challenging route. This category is kind of grandfathered into existence by THPS1&2 going into the credits after getting 3 medals in those games. Besides, there's nothing stopping you or anyone else from doing an All Goals/All Golds or a 100% run.

Q: This seems like TAS quality. How can I be sure you're not cheating?
A: This run was a long time coming. I have multiple older runs uploaded to my channel, showing the progression of the route and my getting better at certain things in the run. The run is not absent of mistakes--they're there if you know what to look for. The game is being played on the PC version--there are obvious tells throughout the run to prove it (1.01 in the bottom-left corner on the main menu, having access to Network Play, "Press O to Continue" instead of a controller's button image, high resolution). The only version that I'm positive can be TASed at the moment is the Gamecube version. If this was TASed it would be faster--even if it was a bad TAS.

Q: I don't know. Aren't you navigating those menus a little fast?
A: Muscle memory is wonderful. I'll let my buddy, neskamikaze, take this one:

Q: How is the game timed?
A: The game is timed in real time starting from the moment the player gains control to the moment End Competition is selected in Tokyo. Player Control actually begins about half a second to a second later than it looks--you can't control your character while they're doing the animation to get on the board. For fairness between console and PC versions, loading times are not counted.
SDA Comments:

This run began as a distraction from my work on a THPS4 speedrun. This distraction took over all speedrunning priorities for nearly a year and a half. So what happened? Sorcerer88's 5:47 was easy enough to beat, and after some route tweaking the time started coming down even more, eventually to 4:25, which probably could have come down to about 4:15 on that route. But then I found it. The one single most loathsome jump in existance that would haunt me for over a year. I was stuck in reset hell and that hell was named Suburbia.

Invigorated by AGDQ 2013 and Sorcerer88's resurfacing, I set out to finally achieve a run I felt worth submitting. Less than three weeks later, I successfully completed a run with a time of 3 minutes 55 seconds.

There are two or three mistakes in the run, but they're incredibly minor. Only one is a real eyesore, and even then it costs a second or less.

The run mostly speaks for itself, but there are a few things that may help to have explained:
Stats and Tricks - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 allows you to modify your skater's stats and tricks to your liking right from the main menu. I've done this before starting the run. The stats to take are Max Air, Max Ollie, Max Speed, Max Switch, and Half Spin. For tricks, the most important thing in this game is to have a trick like Judo or One-Foot Japan that allows you to fill your Special meter with a 180 Boneless grab.

Unjam 5 Valves Cutscene Skip - When pausing and ending your run, the game will continue for a few frames before actually ending. In addition to allowing you to still pick up objects like Secret Tapes and SKATE letters after selecting End Run, any cutscene playing will be canceled if you time it correctly. The cutscene for completing Unjam 5 Valves is typically unskippable and lasts around 3 or 4 seconds.

Boneless Glitch - After changing levels and skipping the goal movies, if you're still holding Ollie, you will not be able to do a No Comply/Boneless/Fast Plant/Bean Plant as your first trick. To circumvent this, release Ollie and hold it again. This mainly causes an issue in Suburbia and Airport, where your skater does not do their typical get on board animation. The work around in Suburbia is to skate off the platform and release ollie midair. There is no workaround for Airport.


Now for the real kicker. There are still 5 other Career layouts for 3 Medals. Each should probably be its own category. Not to mention All Goals/All Golds and 100% are also untouched. This game is basically still in its infancy of being speedran. There's still plenty of routing and experimenting to do. But I need a break. What was meant to be a distraction has exhausted my drive of trying these other categories. I love this game and intend to come back to it, but I'd rather get back to THPS4 at this point.


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