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Published on Apr 19, 2012

If everybody knows that Iran poses an imminent existential threat to the world, why is no one stopping them?

What would a nuclear armed Iran mean for America, Israel, and the world?

Should Israel wait for the possibility that the international community will come to our defense or should we take our fate into our own hands and take action now?
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Additional footage courtesy of 'Iranium'
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P Port
Israel,the enemy of humanity.
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+Joe Matteo LOL.......another Zionist talking bullshit, why am I not surprised? Firstly: You are not master of Iran. Secondly: It's none of your f**ken business what book people believe in. Thirdly: You couldn't even take care of small Lebanon (remember Hezbollah in 2006)? they got your butts kicked. What's the next weapon you will push on Lebanon? LOL YOU SHOULD KNOW IRANIANS HAVE HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLSHIT......Do you really think that Iran is scared of your pathetic government???  LOL Iran can liberate all of Palestine but that would mean massive death toll, something Iran tried to avoid for a long time but you've almost pushed them to their limits, and if your pathetic government keeps going for more they'll regret that very soon. Of course you can laugh now, but please don't forget about this when your country ends in the same situation as Syria. IRAN CAN HAVE AND WILL HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS CASE CLOSED. LONG LIVE IRAN
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Mo yzdn
Fuck this propaganda. you are the biggest threat to the world!! Israel zionist bastards are the big TERRORISTS here for murdering innocent palestinians and fucking the world up with their dirty corruption!!
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habib netanukefuel
hahahahahahha , he lost his timex watch in mom.
michael rosenstock
charming... a racist, patronizing, self indulged who use nothing but the grammar and a vocabulary of an angry 8 years old talks about moral....yea... good for you, anyone with a half of a brain will understand what scum you are, and thous who don't... well they have no effect on the ones who actually do matter 
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Muhammad preteens be under her Kamel Fakir
Hopefully iran will blow itself up, as it is a muslim tradition. 
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Ciaron Smith
Except not Persian tradition. Iran is a glorious civilization. That is your problem.
+achmed touraq Lol your 100 percent right!
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Man israel is a tiny country if iran nuked them it would wipe them off the face of the earth. Hopefully soon :P
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Jerry Collins
+Le Anonymous Bring it on...I'll swap addresses with you.
+Jerry Collins You have no idea.
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Burim ona Beqiri
Iran i Love From Kosovo - Albania  Fuck all Israel
Shut the fuck up you fucking kike. 
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Fickin nazi traitors.
Go ISRAEHELL! Go get those 5 year old children playing some soccer! Yu zuu strongggg
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Dj mike reda
This is bullshit! Iran doesn't want to conquer shit. Who's the one that wants to attack Iran? Isreal! Which is the only middle eastern state that has nuclear weapons? Isreal! How is it ok that isreal has nuclear weapons, but it's not ok for Iran to have nuclear weapons? 
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Mike Roagression
+Mike Hunt Actually it's been proven that Hamas killed those kids in the beach, so there's no point being butthurt and blaming Israel for it. Good thing you brought up who funded Hamas because everytime Israel retaliates againt Hamas you stupid peons always say Hamas are freedom fighters, but then under the same breathe say Hamas was funded by Israel. Pathetic. fucking idiot.
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Don't worry Israel.........the dumb American goyim like me that you hate and disrespect will always be there for you.  We are facing a crisis with our national debt, but we will continue to put you first always.  It is a privilege to be your indentured servant.  That is our job as goyim.  You have blessed our culture with your 2% of the population based mostly in New York and Miami so richly.  AIPAC is as American as apple pie!
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Jerry Collins
+Do Know Vikings were little thieving chicken shit baby murderers, They were too cowardly to fight men like the french or english. But still you wouldn't make a  scab on an Americans ass. You're just an ugly  long nosed jew kike, ass hole.
Jerry Collins
+Do Know You got to be an AMERICAN to be proud, and you got to be proud to be an AMERICAN. all kikes know that. God bless AMERICA, and Merry Christmas.
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Leo Murdock
Iranians are right not to put up with all the bullshit imposed by the United States. Greetings from Germany
Yuri Makarov
Leo Murdock haha how fun it is when i watch terror attacks in germany by muslim i hope you next
imposed by the zionist influenced United States government.  I'd think you'd be more sympathetic to American citizens as a German citizen.
Sal Prive
I think we should bomb the Nuclear reactors of Iran A.S.A.P. ! If we don't we will have a third world war.
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Poenaru Radu
And if Iran bombs Israel nuclear reactors in response? Its Ok? For me it is... both nuclear imbecils remain out of weapons.
Jerry Collins
+Sal Prive #1 if you're an american, why do you have anything to do with a heathen, murderous country like Israel?    #2..there is no such paint, or everyone would be using it. It takes a special faceted shape to reflect radar, why do you think the F-117 was such a dog aerodynamically if it could have been more maneuverable otherwise.  #3. Who saved the Jews from Hitler? Who gave Israel wart hogs so they could win the earlier wars? Who do you think gives them $ 8.2 billion a year? Other than skirmishes, Israel has never been in a real war, and if they jump Iran they'll find out that they're not fighting a bunch of unarmed Palestinians. #4...Who told you I was a navy pilot? I was an Army ranger. I've flown a little, but only instructional, and don't even have a license. But I am well educated and well informed. That's why I don't listen to all the propaganda on the Zionist news media. It's also why I retired very comfortably @ 55. I am a sailor now, and live on a 43 foot Catalina about 1/3 of the time. If you're living in the US, you might last a little longer if war breaks out. I intend to sail down to central America when the shit hits the fan. Thankfully the word is getting out  via the WWW, and people are about to dump the US politicians, and let these backward 3rd world sand pits kill each other off, then we can get back on the road to prosperity, like it was when I was a kid.
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