That's how real Semites look like

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Publicado el 30 jun. 2007

Please do not call these Khazar's "Jews", they decendet from Khazaria, not the Middle East, Mongolian-European-Mongrels, Keleks! These Khazar's promised us a homeland, what did they deliver? An apartheid-regime in which non-Khazar's are only second class citizens!


The best policy for Israel is open borders, and multiculturalism, as well as an end to ethinc Jewish only immigration, segregation among its Arab minority, and an end to current paleo-xenophobic anti-miscegenation laws.

There would be no more reason to fight! We should integrate all the races of Africa into one entity and united them with the people of the middle east including the Israelis! Ones the doughter of the Rabbi next door starts to fuck with the Schwarzen shabath goy we will have real lasting peace and equality!

Just say no to racism! Apartheid is racism!

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