Blinding Love -A Justin Bieber Love Story- Episode 33





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Published on Jul 27, 2010

This is legit, the third time I've tried uploading this!! YouTube hates me today!!!!
BTW, it's themarissalovesyou27 :)

Lana's P.O.V.
This is just great. Im stuck in detention for something I didnt do, with two boys, who frankly, are not my favorite people right now. Justin & Logan kept trying to apologize to me, but I just ignored them. I didnt want to get in anymore trouble & I really didnt want to talk to them. When detention was over I quickly grabbed my stuff & booked it out of the school. I could hear Logan & Justin behind me, trying to get my attention. I shook my head & just walked faster. Too bad they were quicker..

Logan: "Lana, come on, we're sorry! We didnt mean to start fighting."

Justin: "And we didnt mean to get you in any trouble. We're sorry."

Lana: I turnded around & faced both of them. The boy that I was still desperatly in love with and the boy that was trying to mend my broken heart. "Listen guys. I dont want to talk to either of you right now, ok?? I dont care if you didnt meant to get me in trouble. You still fought. I hate fighting. And you didnt stop when I asked you too. I just want to be left alone, alright??" I turned on my heel & walked home without looking back. I dont know who threw the first punch & frankly I dont care. I just dont want to be bothered with right now.

[with the boys]

Logan: "This is all your fault, ya know that right?'

Justin: "My fault?? You're the one who punched me first!!"

Logan: "Who gives a fuck if I punched you first??? My girlfriend is pissed off at me & it's all your fault!"

Justin: I hated the way he said 'My Girlfriend.' Like she's his property or something. What the hell does she see in this guy?? Well, I shouldnt be talking. What the hell did she see in me? I shook my head & walked home. Lana is deffenitly naive if she thinks Logan is a 'nice guy'.

[with Lana]

Lana: I was sitting on the couch in the family room, watching t.v. Mom was working late tonight & probably wouldnt be home till morning, so I was home alone. I wasnt even paying attention to what I was watching because all I could think about was Justin. No matter how hard I try I can never get that jerk out of my mind. He still has my heart. & I want it back. At least, I think I want it back... God, love sucks. Suddenly, I head a huge bang on my front door. I jumped & dropped my soda, spilling it all over the carpet. Who the hell knocks on someone's door like that?? Then I heard Logans voice.

Logan: "Lana, I know you're in there!!!! Open this door right now!!!

Lana: I dont know why, but at the moment, his voice was kinda scaring me. "Logan, I told you I dont want to talk!! Now leave me alone!!!"

Logan: "Lana if you dont open this door I will kick it down myself!!!!"

Lana: What the hell is wrong with him??? Is he for real right now??? "Logan, go away!!!!! I dont want to see you right now!!!" Then he started kicking the door. He kicked it hard 3 times & it burst open. I jumped & looked at him. Was he on steroids or somthing!?

Lana: "What the fuck is wrong with you!!? You broke my door, you idiot!!! What am I gonna tell my mom when she gets home!?" He didnt say a word. He just walked over to me, grabbed me by the wrists & yanked me off the couch."

Logan: "I told you I was sorry!!!! Why is that not good enough for you!?!?!?"

Lana: Alright, now he was really scaring me. He was squeezing my wrists really hard & it hurt. "I dont want to see you Logan now let me go!!!"

Logan: I squeezed her wrists tigheter until I heard her scream. "No, Im not leaving!!! Bitch, you are going to talk to me!!!!"

Lana: He kept squeezing my wrist harder. He wouldnt let go of me. What is going on???? "OWWW, Logan you're hurting me!!!!" That only made him smile & he squeezed them even tighter.

Logan: "Good!!! You should feel pain, you deserve it!!!"

Lana: "Logan, let go!!!!" I yanked my wrists away from him & stepped back. I looked down at my wrists. They were red & bruised. I looked back up at Logan, tears forming in my eyes. His eyes were dark, filled with rage & anger. It scared me alot. Suddenly, I felt like I didnt know this kid at all. I felt like I couldnt trust him anymore. And then he punched me.

O.o Woah, what's going on with Logan?? That was kinda intense...Sorry if this was short or it sucked... I tried :/


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