Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (5) Under the Iron Cloud - All secrets, Serious difficulty





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Published on Dec 18, 2011

With no helicopter to extract him, Sam opts to travel through the remainder of the city on foot en route to Great Pyramid.

Now close to half through the game, we get to the start of the larger levels. The first that makes the half hour mark, and from here things start to get longer and tougher in true Serious Sam spirit.

There were a few anomalies here and there during the video, I take about a forty second pause at about 26:57 until about 27:38, you should skip there when you reach that point. Also, the ending cutscene has one small sentence muted due to a sound glitch. But it continues on the rest, you could always read the subtitle for the muted sentence.

Thirteen secrets in this segment:
1: 2:55 - 2:58 At about 1:35, you can see an item on a terrace. The building nearest to it has a pile of debris you can walk on, from there walk on the edge, and jump to the ledge of the building with the item. Walk along the edge, and crouch under the balcony. And once under and across, jump nearby the terrace to get some secret sniper bullets.
2: 3:11 - 3:14 There is an alley to the right which leads to a small courtyard with a dumpster and a crate nearby a wall. Use the crate to jump to, and over the wall. Nearby on the other side is some secret C4 explosives.
3: 3:32 - 3:33 Go around the corner of the switch which turns off the sensors for the nearby turret, there is a small blue garbage bag in the very next corner, behind it are some mini-secret electricity cells. It isn't necessary to destroy the bag, but it gives a clearer view.
4: 7:42 - 7:43 Nearby the large pile of crates where a garage is, there will be an open garage door with a ruined car inside. Walk past the car deeper inside the room and behind the car you'll find some secret minigun bullets.
5: 7:45 - 7:55 In the same area as secret 4, use the large pile of crates to get on the nearby building edge a few feet above. Once there, move along side it until you're between a smaller building. On your side, and the building opposite are air conditioner units, jump onto the one on your side, and make a jump for the air conditioner on the opposite side. Once there, jump on the roof of the opposite building, and walk around to find a secret SBC cannon.
6: 9:05 - 9:19 Nearby is an area under the overpass, in the very back are a stacked group of drums you jump on top of. Do so, and jump over the barbed wire wall into the small yard where you'll see a visible secret XL2 laser gun. Once you grab it, a Kleer skeleton will climb over the wall and attempt to ambush you.
7: 10:20 - 10:25 On the same road to the left (the same one you come to after coming down from the top of the overpass), there will be a wall with crates, and some Arabic graffiti. Use the crates to jump on top of the wall, then jump to the nearby ledge of the building. Walk along the wall until you see the secret cannonballs on top of a small structure, and make a jump for them.
8: 10:25 - 10:29 Still staying on top of the structure with secret 7, jump onto another nearby ledge, once there walk along it and you'll see a yard below. Jump into the yard to find the best secret in the game.
9: 20:04 - 20:27 After the fight on the long road will be another wall with some Arabic graffiti on it. There is a nearby broken wall to the right, use the wall as a stepping platform to get to the top, then walk along it through the nearby ruined building window into the large open area on the other side of the wall. There will be a lone pill bottle on the ground, pick it up to activate the secret nuthouse, where you'll be ambushed by three Major Bio-Mechanoids.
10: 20:46 - 20:47 After dealing with secret nine, use the nearby ruined vehicles to jump over the wall, once over the wall, turn directly right and you'll see a bush and a mini-secret armor helmet hidden within the bushes.
11: 26:22 - 26:28 Just before the final area, there will be a wall with some ammo and armor against it, and a ruined blue car. Use the blue car to jump to, and over the wall where you'll find a small yard with some secret cannonballs.
12: 26:29 - 26:34 Directly after secret eleven, use the drums to get to the top of wall, and jump to the nearby narrow ledge of the building closest, walk carefully along the ledge until you get to the end, where you'll be faced with a terrace. Jump to the terrace, and you should get a parkour secret small health. (from the street level, you can see the red highlight on the pill bottle located on the terrace)
13: 28:30 - 28:45 In the final large open area, walk along the rightmost portion of the ruins, and look carefully among the ruined building debris, you can spot the red highlight flash of the secret large hidden health amongst some of the debris. (There is a small red highlight flash you can spot at about 28:37 amongst the debris)


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