You Need Me: Tiley//Grelena//Stemi Story ~Ep14~Moving On~





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Published on May 6, 2012


Nick: (looks at miley) Well?!
Miley: Um....(looks at demi then stands up) Nick, please don't loose it! It was awhile ago
Nick: That's why you were in the hospital that time, wasn't it? Cause of what a guy did to you! Is he staying in here?!
Miley: (sighs deeply) It was sterling okay?!
Nick: Him?! Oh he's a dead man! (about to storm out the room)
Miley: (grabs his arm) Nick! No! I don't want ashley knowing what he did and besides taylor's already beaten him up, he doesn't need another beating!
Nick: Yes he does! How can you defend him?!
Miley: Because! I know how sorry he is
Nick: (scoffs) Guys like that are never sorry!
Miley: (sighs deeply) Just please, don't tell anyone, please, please nick
Nick: (doesn't say anything)
Miley: Come on, nick, please!
Nick: (groans) Fine! I won't (sighs)
Miley: (slightly smiles) Thank you and don't hit him if you see him, oh and can you not tell anyone about demi speaking? She doesn't wanna leave this place
Nick: I won't, don't worry
Demi: (slightly smiles) Thank you nick, miles, do you know where sterling is?
Miley: (shakes her head) No, sorry, nick lets go to my room, see you later dems (hugs her quickly then walks out the room with nick)
Nick: So, you and taylor?
Miley: There is no me and taylor
Nick: Why?
Miley: (walks in her room) Im not ready to have a boyfriend yet, like I told tay, I need to find where I stand with myself
Nick: (nods and sits down) I get what you mean, you should tell zac what happened
Miley: (sighs deeply) No!
Nick: Come on mi, he's your brother, he's worried about you
Miley: Tell him im fine and im getting better, I havn't cut myself for awhile
Nick: (smiles) That's great miles

With demi:
Demi: (looking for sterling, turns her head and see's him picking the garden furniture up, takes a breath then walks outside)
Sterling: (hears footsteps then turns around and see's demi) Demi, you okay?
Demi: (doesn't say anything, sits on the steps)
Sterling: (pauses then sits next to her, they sit in silence for a few seconds)
Demi: (whispers) I forgive you
Sterling: (smiles) Really? You do?
Demi: (nods) I was over reacting, you did nothing to me (looks down) But when I saw miley laying on the floor it reminded me of when I saw my parents
Sterling: (looks at her) I truly am sorry
Demi: I know you are
Sterling: smiles) And demi?
Demi: (looks at him)
Sterling: You have a beautiful voice (stands up and goes back to tidying the garden up)
Demi: (slightly smiles) Can you not tell ashley please? I don't wanna leave this place
Sterling: I won't, but why don't you wanna leave?
Demi: (slightly shrugs) Its better than staying with my friends parents, I just wanna move on, but I can't if im back there where im reminded of everything that happened
Sterling: (nods) I understand, demi? Can we please start over?
Demi: (slightly smiles and nods) I'd like that
Sterling: (smiles bigger) Well then (holds his hand out) Hi, im sterling
Demi: (giggles and shakes his hand) Im demi
Sterling: Demi, its nice to meet you (laughs)
Demi: (smiles)

With selena:
Selena: (walks in her room and see's Gregg)
Gregg: (smiles) Hi sel
Selena: (pauses but then smiles) Hi
Gregg: (surprised) What, no bitter comment?
Selena: (sits down and slightly giggles) I figured if we're living together, I might as well try and get along with you
Gregg: (chuckles) That would be better
Selena: (giggles to herself and lays back on the bed)
Gregg: So, how's miley and tay doing?
Selena: Okay, they are friends, but I know both of them wants to be more
Gregg: We all know that (laughs, glances at selena then sighs) I am sorry
Selena: (sighs and closes her eyes) Are you though?
Gregg: Yes! I regretted it ever since it happened! It killed me knowing how much I hurt you
Selena: (sits up) Okay how about this, we put it behind us and move on?
Gregg: (smiles) I'd really like that
Selena: Okay then, from now on we're friends
Gregg: (fakes a smile) Yeah.......friends (thinks about it) No wait! I can't be just friends sel! I love you, I never stopped loving you, it would mean the world to me if you gave me another chance! And I swear to you, I won't mess up
Selena: I hoped you wouldn't do this (looks down)
Gregg: Why?
Selena: Because of how much I still love you (looks up at him) I tried to tell myself I was over you, but the more I did the more I realised I wasn't, I just wanted you to suffer for hurting me the way you did
Gregg: (stands up and walks over to selena, kneels down and looks in her eyes) I can't stand being away from you, we live together but it feels like we're miles apart, just please sel.....i need you
Selena: (looking back in his eyes but doesn't say anything)
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