Got Me Goin Crazy- A Jonas Brothers Love Story- Ch. 4





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Uploaded on Mar 2, 2009


This is like part 2 to chapter 3 because youtube was being gay!

Ok on with the story...

Joe's POV

I really think that I like her but does she really like me or is she just being a friend? And would it be weird dating a fan? I just stood there thinking about all of it.

Bethany: *Handed Nick her number and hugged him* Bye!
Nick: Bye!
Kevin: Bye Carson! *Hugs her*
Carson: *Puts her number in his phone* Call me!
Kevin: Ok!
Carson: Oh and I loved your new guitar!
Kevin: *Laughs* Thanks!

AN- I LOVE JB'S GUITARS! They are amazing! haha! SORRY! Back to the story!

JB: Bye girls!
Girls: Bye! *Smiles and leave*
Joe: *Looking at Kelley's number*
Nick: Love struck?
Joe: *Snaps out of it* huh?
Nick: *Laughs*
Kevin: Come on guys! Let's get home.
Joe: Ok! *Runs to the bus and jumps onto his bunk*

With the girls after they got to Bethany's house!!

Kelley: Beth?
Bethany: Yeah?
Kelley: Can we spend the night?
Bethany: Fine with me! *Smiles and sits on her bed*
Carson: good because I don't feel like driving anymore!
Kelley: *Laughs and sits next to Bethany* So did you like your surprise?
Bethany: Yeah. It was the best surprise ever! *SMiles*
Carson: I'm glad you liked it.
Bethany: I LOVED it! *Laughs*
Ryan: *Walks in* Happy birthday sis!
Bethany: RYAN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *Hugs him*
Ryan: Thanks. DId you have fun?
Bethany: YEAH!
Ryan: Good! *Smiles* Night guys!
Kelley: Night loser! *Laughs*
Ryan: I'm gonna leave and pretend that you never said that.
Carson: Night Ryan!

They all went to bed.

Bethany's POV

I woke up the next morning to my phone playing SOS. That was my ringtone. Who would be calling me at 7 in the morning? I looked at my phone...no caller ID?

Bethany: Hello?
???: Hey!
Bethany: *Yawns* Hey Nick!
Nick: Did I wake you?
Bethany: Yeah. *Laughs*
Nick: Sorry!
Bethany: It's fine!
Nick: Ok!
Bethany: So what's up?
Nick: Nothin really. We just finished unpacking.
Bethany: Oh. *Phone beeps* Hold on just a sec.
Nick: ok!
Bethany: *Looks at the text*

Text convo

R- I'm goin to the skate park.
B- Ok! Have fun!
R- k! Peace!
B- Byee!

end convo

Bethany: *To Nick* Hey I'm back!
Nick: ok!
Bethany: So are you happy to be home?
Nick: Yeah. I mean I like touring but after 6 months of it I really wanna go home.
Bethany: I bet.
Nick: Hey doesn't Carson have a green mustang with black stripes?
Bethany: Uh yeah why?
Nick: Because there is one parked across the street.
Bethany: Really?

(Carson's mustang is personalized so it is like the only one that looks like that even though that isn't really true!)

Nick: Yeah.
Bethany: Go to your window.
Nick: Ok?
Bethany: *Walks to her window and looks across the street*
Nick: *Are you standing at your window?
Bethany: *Laughs* Yeah! *Waves*
Nick: *Waves back* You live across the street?
Bethany: I guess so!
Nick: Sweet!
Joe: *Walks in Nick's room* NICHO...What are you looking at?
Nick: Look! *Points across the street*
Joe: *Looks* What?
Nick: It's Bethany.
Bethany: *Yells through the phone* HEY JOE!
Joe: What the? *Looks at the phone*
Nick: Did you really have to yell?
Bethany: Sorry! *Laughs*
Joe: Hey Bethany! *Yells*
Nick: JOE!
Joe: Sorry! *Waves at Bethany*
Bethany: *Waves back*
Joe: So she lives there?
Nick: Yep!

With Bethany!!

Jennifer: Bethany! Can you come help me make lunch?
Bethany: Yeah! *TO Nick* I have to go! I'll talk to you later!
Nick: Ok! Bye Bethany! *Hangs up*

Bethany's POV

I couldn't believe it! I lived right across the street from the Jonas Brothers. I put my phone on my dresser and ran downstairs to the kitchen.

Bethany: Hey mom! *Smiles*


END! I'm gonna end it before it gets too long! haha! Watch for chapter 5!!


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