Fallout 3 Point Lookout The Velvet Curtain part 1 of 3 Motel and Bank





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Published on Dec 10, 2010

To start the quest, find the Homestead Motel north of Pilgrim's Landing and enter room 1D and activate the terminal. You will receive instructions to go to the lockers south of the motel and use a key to get into the locker. The key is located inside the briefcase on the bed.

Open the locker, which is located along the pier, to receive holotape Box 1207 - Spy's Audio Password.The holotape instructs you to go to the bank and use the password to
access a safety deposit box. Use your quest marker to find the bank.

At the People's Bank of Point Lookout, go to the safety deposit box room and stand in front of the speaker. Activate the holotape to make the box oepn. Search the bank for another password carrying holotape if you want some cash. Pick up the holotape "Espionage Debriefing". The tape triggers an objective to track down an Agent Yang.

To find Yang, head to the Naval Recruiting Center eastward from the bank. Go through the door behind counter on the left and activate the DiA Officer's Terminal. Look at the file about Yang to learn her body is at Turtledove Detention Camp.

Turtledove is way north from the Recruitment Center and there will be swampfolk, sentry bots, and ghouls in your way. Hopefully you have a ghoul mask because the ghouls win at Turtledove. Enter the morgue through a cellar door, open Yang's remains locker and take the Submarine Self-Destruct Codes. You can escape the morgue the way you entered it (through cellar door), or use the hatch located near the cremation chamber, which leads to a Septic Tunnel.

Explosion time, find the sunken Chinese spy south of Calvert Mansion. Enter the sub through a hatch on the top of it. Use the terminal in there to activate the self-destruct, and flip the failsafe switch in the back. You'll have about 30 seconds to escape after triggering the failsafe and exiting the sub.

Head back to the motel after the fire and waterworks and receive new orders to go to a safehouse bunker at the Calvert Mansion greenhouse. The terminal directs you to a pair of Cryptochromatic Spectacles hidden in the toilet tank of the motel room.

Travel to the Calvert Mansion and the quest markert. Equip the Cryptographic Glasses to see rings on four vases.. The number of rings on each vase represents its number. Activate the vases with the sequence 1_3_2_3_4_4_2 to make a hatch open on the floor next to vase #2.

Inside the bunker, there will be a lot of weapons and ammo. Try looting most of it. You'll get a few Chinese Assault Rifles and maybe a stealthboy from the ammo boxes. There's also two fixed location stealthboys and a mini nuke in the bunker. You'll be approached by a protectron who asks you to leave the area. Give him the password to make it help with the quest.

Don't enter the room it opens until you've looted the place.

Enter the room and pick up the backwater rifle on the shelf next to the door, then activate the terminal. Unfortunately, the terminal activates radioactive gas and locks the door.
With 71 Science, you can fiddle with the fuse box near the door you entered through to force the door open.
And with 30 Repair, you can shut off the radiation using the vent on the floor.

If you don't have the science skill necessary, scale the nearby lockers and crates to find a hatch to a tunnel that leads you to relative safety (might make you pop up near a mirelurk).
Entering the run-off tunnel or escaping through the door completes the quest.


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