KH2FM - Hades Paradox Cup Rounds 1-10 No Damage (LV1 CM)





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Published on Oct 1, 2007

The Hades Paradox Cup is the hardest challenge you'll face in a Critical Mode LV1 challenge. Some may think it's impossible, but it's not. But trust me, if you haven't synthed 4 Shockcharm+s yet, do so before this. Each Shockcharm+ gives your Thundaga a 20% boost.

The first 10 rounds are ridicoulsly easy. Everything except Silver Rocks, Yuffie, Tifa, and Volcanic Lord fall to a Magnega + Thundaga combo. So with that said, prepare by equipping Tron's Keyblade along with the Shockcharm+s. I would recommend stocking up on Ethers before the fight, and by a lot, I mean try to go for 99. You can use the Gambler trick to get mass munny in a matter of minutes.

Round 1: Magnega + Thundaga. It'll take at least two Thundagas, since the Shadows go in the ground and don't get sucked up as easy until they come back up.

Round 2: Same deal, except 1 Thundaga should kill them all.

Round 3: Again...same thing.

Round 4: Mostly the same, except do a jumping Magnega to hit the Creeper Plants too, else you might get killed by them. The idiot dogs die to Thundaga very easily. Go for the plants last, as if you hit them with Magnega, they should not attack unless you stand too close to one for too long without attacking.

Round 5: Try to Magnega + Thundaga the soliders right away. But since the Volcanic Lord instantly does his Reaction Command move, you'll probably have to do that. Just do the RC and THEN kill the soliders if they survive. As for the Lord, Blizzaga him or Thundaga him. Whichever you prefer. I wouldn't waste Ethers here, so just smack him while your MP is charging. If the Lord does his fireball attack while you have no MP, you can use Guard to block them all.

Round 6: This is the only round of two of the first 10 that have an enemy immune to Magnega. You can do this a couple different ways, I sort of didn't plan this one out. You can try to walk forward and catch everything in Magnega, then Thundaga the cannons and then Magnega again and air combo the Silver Rocks. Or you can wait for the Silver Rock's Reaction Command and kill them that way. Either way, you shouldn't have to worry about the cannons hitting you unless you stand still the entire time.

Round 7: Magnega + Thundaga the first group. Same for Minute Bombs, the next group.

Round 8: Silver Rocks again. Do one of the two methods I mentioned in Round 6. The Soliders are more threatning, but still not bad. Mag + Thundaga the Knights that appear. Then take on the Large Body however you feel best. You can Thundaga combo it if you don't know its attacks too well.

Round 9: Magnega + Thundaga owns them all. The Samurai have a decent amount of HP though, so make sure you don't run out of MP or you'll have to fight it the hard way.

Round 10: This is the only difficult round of the first 10. If you try to keyblade combo Tifa or Yuffie you will just get killed. There are no restrictions for the first 10 matches, so use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Donald's Limit works well to do damage while it's going. You can Thundaga combo Tifa until she dies too, if you're that patient. Once Tifa is down, just do the same to Yuffie. She's immune to magic, so I'd highly suggest a Limit to at LEAST take her out.

You almost have to get no damage anyway on these matches, so the whole no damage thing is almost required. Only getting hit by a very weak attack will have you live, but most likely be in critical HP. To do the Hades Paradox Cup, you must complete the other 3 Paradox cups before it. They're the same as their regular cup versions, just beefed up enemies, same strats would apply, so they're not too bad.



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