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Published on Oct 12, 2012

http://www.HOW33.com How to MAKE a GIRL say YES in 10 minutes
"Remember, you can learn anywhere. Not listen to what they say about this girl. They are characterized by an innate shyness, and the eternal idea, which is incorporated by nature: how it will look at it. Men also think about it, but the girls that thought drives a hundred times stronger. Exactly one French sexologist, "with women you can learn anywhere, the main thing is not where, and how."

"First of all, we must always keep in mind the presence of humor in conversation. But if you are not inherent, it does not delve much. We must not forget that the girls appreciate humor.

"What is it that prevents us to meet, and in the process dominates the negative - a rejection (" get mold "). Because of this, we often give up internally dating, finding excuses for myself for other reasons. With this must be addressed.

"We must learn themselves to be overcome. By the way, the man has to do it all my life and improved it: the ability to suppress the fear of something and uncertainty. Girls always feel fine this struggle and valued.

"Remember that everyone is afraid of feeling" breakup "and, yet, have met - this risk. Whatever Superman, whichever was handsome - every subject this complex. Therefore suppress the thought. "The possibility of a bummer" - this is our "male cross" to be brave to wear.

"She is as human as we are, but the other sex. And she also wants to have an acquaintance, friend, etc. So adjust myself just a friendly wave. Imagine how you would talk to another unknown to himself guy.

"In the acquaintance be internally configured directly on the possibility of failure. Take it as a game: the ball in the pocket - not missed. Try not to take it personally. Remember, she is not always to familiarity: a bad mood, problems, personality, etc.

"In the early talk less about themselves. In short we can say: what do you do (but without boasting, modestly) and the status of your personal freedom. Try to lie less in the main, which is also strongly dislike girls. One should not throw out all at once and in large quantities, while the girls and ask. It is better to keep silent about something, promise to tell another time.

"Remember, to give information about themselves better doses, from meeting to meeting. So when we first met leaves a more mysterious. Women by nature are very curious, like cats, and love puzzles.

"One hundred percent chance acquaintance - that give a girl flowers. Refuse to accept the flowers, well, it is unlikely the women who can, and taking a gift, the girl would not be difficult to answer your desire to become acquainted. Agree, it is iron argument.

"When you go on public transport, you can start with a familiar question:" Far to go? ". Make a guess: "The job?" "Learn - to class?". Thus violating the silence you create a situation for possible dialogue, which can turn into friendship.

"Do not rush to seek mutual friends in the conversation - leave it for another time. Most of the girls in the scouts, will induce fast for you help. But you do not have confidence that they will not be on your enemies. And if familiarity crumpled - nothing to leave a trail, be too careful.

"Do not forget to always gossip that will grow around you with a possible increase in the number of your contacts and lets less for this food.

"When you first contact a conversational, often called the girl's name. Everyone loves when his name is often referred to, it has, a sympathetic sympathy. Leans her name frequently, respond occasionally laudable about it.Therefore, at this stage, any close friend for you is dangerous in that sense. Do not You Think of everything! Even if she has a boyfriend, it is still at least a drop, but the hurt. That's let them forgive me, because by nature they are very jealous in this respect (either themselves or others), because the relationship between the girls in friendship are, at best, such as men under the truce. But in any case, do not show an understanding environment girls, be on your mind. All of the above applies more to the more complex situations when meeting, when it is prepared: from all sides are tips for you and for her. So do not hope for help girlfriends girls, let alone taking it, this assistance can carry hidden damage, which in this hectic you just do not notice it. Or whether the damage can be subtle and insidious, and even then you'd never know it. Therefore, this clean sheet - familiarity that you fill - fill yourself.

"Discovering a restaurant, cafe easiest at first. This whole situation as it has. But not everything is as simple as it seems. Can be danced, drunk, and in the morning you remember, it was so wonderful, good, and nothing in his hand. Therefore, one piece of advice: after the dance-record phone conversation, because then fail.


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