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Published on Apr 2, 2012

Download the mp3 (audio file) for Free: http://tinyurl.com/VEDADAAY1

This is my first day of VEDA, if you didn't know VEDA stands for; Vlog Everyday In April.
For this year's VEDA I will be producing a new piece of either poetry or music for each day.
I am taking, and Encouraging requests, either for covers of songs, beats to perform to, or subjects to sing or rap about.
I'm gonna need help with ideas SOOOOOOOOOO

Each piece I'm going to try to make in just one day, as this piece was, and yeah, that's it, I hope you enjoy, and make some VEDA's of your own. It's alright if you're a bit late, I did it last year and started half way through the month on the 15th. It's a great way to share your channel and branch out into the community.

Check out last year's VEDA here:
in my VEDA playlist

Hope to hear from you, and see ya tomorrow :)

Facebook: http://facebook.com/PopesPage
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheJamesPope

And yeah I know I'm late, I uploaded this at like midnight, but whatevs, I'll do another one today.

Lyrics: (they're not spot on)
tell ya what I don't do...
motherfucking sleep
the early bird that gets the worm
well I don't even fuckin eat
I just stare at this fucking screen
smoking away my dreams
masturbating to chavage in these cum-soaked sheets

you're watching me perform on a lack of sleep
other people's minds would be sad to see
but my brains running on full capacity
and i ain't even huffed yak or speed
got mentality of a savage beast
but cooked up in the body of a ginger freak
the biology of my family
is kinda fuckin prone to insanity
but don't worry i self medicate
consume anything to keep my fucking thoughts caged
what i hold inside is not rage
you can feel the vibe down prostate

I'm sorry did i make you uncomfortable
think about something that you didn't want to fool
if it's cool would you not mention genitals
well at least no doctor visits is kinda the rule
and if you gotta rash you aren't aloud in the pool
I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just enforcing the rules
cause i was prepped cooked and fooled into being a fucking tool

go ahead, call me a fagot
a maggot, a worthless half-wit
manic depressive addict
attacked by pangs of panic
I've had it
but I'll do shit all about it
cause I'm a coward
who would much rather devour
the green and purples flowers
for hours hiding out
from the world outside
gang stalking me in my mind
and trying to feed my cyanide
i feel like a baby born high on thalidomide
my brains pained and my body is stuck
fuck who the shit am i
hello and welcome
lets be friends
I'd just like to start again
and maybe, fuck it i can't pretend
i just love to fucking offend
incite a fight
then make amends
I'm way below the deepest end
draw you in with sheepish grins
i am not a human being

I took the beat from this Much better song:


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