Dad Cites Bible To Disown Gay Son In Letter





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Published on Aug 11, 2012

"A heartbreaking letter, allegedly penned by an unsupportive father to his gay son, has gone viral in the blogosphere...".* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss the letter which was addressed to 'James' and eventually posted on Reddit. Can The Bible, specifically the Old Testament take on homosexuality, be used to justify anti-gay sentiment?

*Read more here from The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08...

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Comments • 5,032

Jäger Bombers
So Christianity isn't about love, it's about hating all the right people!
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dragon force
not scary contradicting themself i believe in the religion of love thats why i must force rules on some people
Dagr8est Penguin
I hate you. Can't respect two billion people, who might have helped you one day. Just because they're Christian? I hate you.
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If today's religious people are going to Heaven, then Heaven is going to be full of cunts.
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The Fallen
Party in hell then, see ya there
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Solita Furude
if heaven is filled with these assholes then sign me up for hell right now
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Taylor Evans
Honestly if heaven were real (maybe it is, who knows?), it would be empty. Absolutely empty. No one would get in, if you have to do everything the bible says. The bible says that women can't teach men. 99.9% of my teachers/professors were female. There were boys in our class. So there goes that rule.
+Troy Mula Do you Troy Mula lay in the SAME bed every night with your wife (or girlfriend)?
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This father is being smiled down upon by his equally vindictive and hateful God.  God bless him!  I metaphorically spit in his and his God's face.  Such ignorance and hate for other people is unacceptable.
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only if i ca spit in his face and gods face too< i despise religion and people need to open their eyes. And to answer your question yes it works
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As a parent I don't know how anyone could call themselves a father, mother, or Christian and write a letter of this nature...When my children become adults their sexual activities are their business just as mine is none of their business.   It's so sad that any father would do this to their own son...
bacon cum glazed Twinkie
Because they are brainwashed and believe in their anti gay pastor
Taylor Evans
When I went to an LGBT bar, it was like the most amazing feeling ever. You have these people saying that non Christians and LGBT people are going to hell. But I've had the best experiences with them! The people that claim that they're getting into heaven because they are against LGBT or "not of the world" as they like to say, make me extremely uncomfortable. So please please tell me, how spending an eternity with homophobes, right wing extremists (not all right wing people are bad, I know...I'm talking about the bad ones), overly religious people that don't tolerate those who think differently is supposed to be paradise. How is spending an eternity with those kinds of people paradise. THAT is hell.
clone doctor
lucky u didn't get shot up by a confused gay dude
Sarah Neff
"Dear dad,          I'm so glad you've disowned me, now I know where you stand on my list of important people in my life.  I should thank you for freeing me from a life of christianity, more importantly from the torment of being the son of a hateful asshat.  please don't pray for me, for I do not believe in fairy tales.  Instead reflect on your failure as a dad and never mention my name again.  fuck you very much! -love your son p.s. I found a new God, her name is Zsa Zsa Gabor"
Roedy Green
Dad has never read the bible, just cherry picked it.  I challenge him to read it cover to cover. He will be so ashamed.  He will discover that there are thousands of thou shalt not in the bible.  Modern Christians ignore nearly all of them. He is picking one at random and making a huge deal of it.  There no reason whatsoever to consider it more important than all the others. It is just a bronze-age superstition intended to reduce the number of earthquakes.
Harvey Levene
+Roedy Green The truly inferior person here is the father
I'm a Christian and I support gay marriage
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+legit934 all religions are hatefull fairytales. That's because it's forced upon you. You dont choose to be religious you are made religious. By brainwashing and violence in childhood. Thank your molesting parents. Think about that if you are able to with your sick retarded holy superior brains. (that are washed with force) fairytales! fairytales! fairytales! amen.
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Jessica Bushell-Hale
I don't normally up-vote videos, but listening to Ana telling homophobes they're ignorant with such passion made me happy. It's the same thing that fuels racism, biggotism, bullying, sexism (toward men or women), etc. People need to educate themselves. If they can't understand that, can they just try a little bit of empathy for others?
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