Never Gonna Be Alone; Ep. 67 (You want me to WHAT?)





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Uploaded on Jun 13, 2011

Never Gonna Be Alone; Ep. 67 (You want me to WHAT?)

Demi's POV.

"Come on, daddy. Pwease," I beg him. My dad's face crunches up in wonder and he sighs.
"I wanted this to be just a family-only vacation," he tells us.
I frown. "Joe is my family. Daddy, if he isnt allowed to come, then I don't want to come."
"Demetria, don't give me that attitude," he says to me sternly, giving me a look. I roll my eyes.
"Oh, honey, just let her have it. Let the boy come," mom tries to convince him as well.
My dad sighs. "Fine. But you and Joe are sharing a room at the beach house. Lexie can share a room with Sophie," he says.
I smile, wide. "Yay! No problem. We already do," I say.
"This is so exciting!" Bailey says. "I bet this is going to be one of the best trips I'm ever going on."
We all laugh. "And one more thing. You and Joe need to keep everything PG. I don't want any.. funny business," he says, quoting it.
I blush. "Of course," I answer. "I'm really excited now."

"You want me to WHAT?" Joe exclaims once I get home and we're having dinner together. Lexie was sitting in the seat next to Joe and she was happily eating her mac and cheese. "I have work, I can't take a vacation," he simply says, picking up his glass of water and putting it to his lips.
"Come on, Joe. I really want to go on this trip. Its only a week. You can get someone to cover your shift," I tell him, taking his hand and rubbing my thumb over it. "We'll have fun."
"I don't know, Demi. Your dad hates the sh*t outta me," he tells me.
My eyes widen and I motion towards Lexie. "There's a kid in the room," I tell him.
He looks down at Lexie who was still eating and minding her own business. "She didnt hear me," he says.
"Who says my dad doesnt like you? Thats ridiciulous," I tell him, letting out a forced laugh.
"He said so himself. He doesnt like me. At all," Joe says, leaning back in his seat.
"I don't believe you.. I just thought that for once, we could go and relax.. and its Hawaii! I mean, its got beaches and hotels.. how could you pass that kind of an offer?"
He shrugs. "I'd rather be doing other things."
"Fine.. if you dont wanna go, it'll just be me and Lexie. You'll be without us for a week. We'll have fun without you," I tease. "Imagine the beach house.. watching the sunset.. my dad's giving us a room to ourselves.. we could do something we've both wanted to do for a long time.." I say. I get up to sit on his lap. Smiling, I cup his face in my hands and give him a peck on the lips. I look at him and his eyes were wide. I cant help but giggle a bit. "If you feel uncomfortable doing it while they're home, we could always rent a hotel room for one night, if thats better," I whisper into his ear. I feel shivers run up on his arms. "What do you say, Joe?"
He smirks at me and then nods. "Sure. Why not?" he says.
I squeal a bit and jump off of him, excited. "We're going to have so much fun, baby," I say.
"We better," he answers, winking.
I laugh and gather up our dishes, putting them into the sink and start to wash them. I feel Joe's arms snake around my waist from behind and he leans down to kiss my cheek. "I've missed you today," he says, making me smile. "Did you have fun?"
"Um, yeah. We went to the mall with my sisters. It was a blast," I say, rinsing out the plates one at a time. "Did you have fun today?" I ask him, laughing.
"Sure. If you can call fixing cars fun, then I had a blast as well," he jokes. I turn off the faucet and turn around in his arms, smiling as I lean my forehead against his.
"I'm exhaused though," I whine, frowning.
"Lets go to bed then," he suggests.
"Sure.." I take his hand and lead him upstairs, our fingers intertwined. We get ready for bed and then both go into Lexie's room to kiss her goodnight. As we're laying tangled up with each other in bed, I face him and he kisses my nose.
"Goodnight," I whisper, reaching up to run my fingers through his hair.
"Night, baby," he says, smiling back at me. "Te quiero mucho, Demi."
I look at him, confused. "What did you just say?"
He laughs. "I just said that I love you."
"Where did you learn that from?" I ask him.
"That doesnt matter," he tells me, a goofy smile on his face.
"Oh, well in that case- I love you, too." We share one more kiss and then drift off in our separate dreams.

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