1. I Would - Justin Bieber (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen and Mike Attinger)

  2. 'Read All About It (Part III)' by Emeli Sandé (LIVE performance by Karlijn Verhagen)

  3. Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake feat. JAY Z (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen and Mike Attinger)

  4. Let Her Go - Passenger (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen and Mike Attinger)

  5. Karlijn Verhagen and Mike Attinger - WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

  6. Live While We're Young - One Direction (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen and Tim Suyderhoud)

  7. CLOWN - Emeli Sandé (LIVE performance by Karlijn Verhagen)

  8. Shake Up Christmas - Train (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen & Grant Scott)

  9. Karlijn Verhagen & friends - Dance School Performance

  10. RED - Taylor Swift (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen and Mike Attinger)

  11. Karlijn Verhagen performing at the London International Music Gala Concert 2012

  12. Diamonds - Rihanna (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  13. London Gala Concert Trailer ft Youtube Artists 1st December 2012

  14. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood (Karlijn Verhagen - LIVE)

  15. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  16. Want U Back - Cher Lloyd (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  17. Impossible - Christina Aguilera (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  18. Engel Zonder Vleugels (Angel Without Wings) - Glennis Grace (LIVE performance by Karlijn Verhagen)

  19. Karlijn Verhagen with Beluga - I´ll Be There 4 U

  20. Call Me Maybe -- Carly Rae Jepsen (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  21. Coming Soon!!

  22. It's a Man's World - Christina Aguilera version (Karlijn Verhagen - LIVE in Delft)

  23. Next To Me - Emeli Sandé (Live performance by Karlijn Verhagen)

  24. Nobody Knows - Pink (Live performance by Karlijn Verhagen)

  25. People Help The People - Cherry Ghost / Birdy (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  26. I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  27. 'Little House' - Amanda Seyfried (Accoustic Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  28. Karlijn Verhagen - Don't You Remember LIVE (ADELE)

  29. Karlijn Verhagen - It's a Man's World LIVE (Christina Aguilera version)

  30. Karlijn sings 'At Last' LIVE at a festival in Brielle

  31. Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  32. The A Team - Ed Sheeran (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen)

  33. Best Thing I Never Had - Beyoncé (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen and Robin)

  34. Grown Up Christmas List - Amy Grant - Cover by Karlijn Verhagen and Friends

  35. Set Fire To The Rain - (ADELE) cover by Karlijn Verhagen

  36. "I'm Not The Girl (You Think I Am)" Original song by Simanek/Elliott performed by Karlijn Verhagen

  37. Bound To You (Christina Aguilera) cover by Karlijn Verhagen

  38. Skyscraper - Demi Lovato (Cover by Karlijn Verhagen & Robin)

  39. Karlijn Verhagen - Empire State Of Mind Part II

  40. Karlijn performs the beautiful song "Grenade" by Bruno Mars

  41. Karlijn sings the beautiful song 'A Love That Will Last' by Renee Olstead

  42. Karlijn sings at Talent Contest 'You Lost Me' by Christina Aguilera

  43. Karlijn Verhagen (14) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

  44. Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri (cover by Karlijn Verhagen & Robin)

  45. Don't Forget by Karlijn Verhagen (13)

  46. Rolling in the Deep by Karlijn Verhagen (13)

  47. 'Something's Got a Hold On Me' by Karlijn Verhagen (age 13)

  48. "Out Here On My Own" by Karlijn Verhagen (age 13)

  49. 'I Don't Believe You' by Karlijn Verhagen (age 13)

  50. A little thank you message to all my YT and TFCT friends!

  51. Winter Wonderland by Karlijn Verhagen

  52. Distant Dreamer by Karlijn Verhagen (13)

  53. The 13 year old Karlijn Verhagen sings the cover 'Miracle' by the Dutch singer Ilse de Lange

  54. Karlijn sings 'At last' by Beyoncé recorded at her home in the Netherlands

  55. Karlijn sings 'Make you feel my love' by Adèle

  56. Karlijn sings 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift

  57. Karlijn sings 'You lost me' by Christina Aguilera

  58. Karlijn sings 'Rain on your parade' by Duffy

  59. Karlijn Verhagen sings the beautiful song 'Every part of me' by Miley Cyrus

  60. Karlijn sings at a songcontest 'Wicked World' by the Dutch singer Laura Jansen

  61. Karlijn Verhagen sings LIVE 'Need you now' by Lady Antebellum

  62. Karlijn Verhagen sings 'You lost me' by Christina Aguilera

  63. Karlijn Verhagen sings 'If I ain't got you' by Alicia Keys

  64. Karlijn Verhagen sings "Mama Do" from Pixie Lott

  65. Karlijn sings "Killing me softly with his song" from Roberta Flack

  66. Karlijn Verhagen sings "A night like this" from Caro Emerald

  67. Karlijn Verhagen sings "Gravity" from Sara Bareilles

  68. Karlijn Verhagen sings "I am alive" from Celine Dion

  69. Karlijn Verhagen sings "Hurt" from Christina Aguilera in Bres Theatre Brielle

  70. Karlijn Verhagen sings "Three Days in a Row" (Anouk)

  71. Karlijn Verhagen sings Valerie of Amy Whinehouse and Mark Ronson at Contest in Mijnsheerenland

  72. Karlijn Verhagen sings live at Brestheater Brielle Russian Roulette from Rihanna

  73. Karlijn sings "Russian Roulette" from Rihanna

  74. Karlijn Verhagen sing Puzzle Me

  75. Karlijn & Fleur sing "Mercy" live in Ouddorp

  76. Karlijn sings "I don't wanna hurt" by Anouk

  77. Karlijn Sings "Take a Bow" from Rihanna

  78. Karlijn sings great song called "Unfaithful" from Rihanna

  79. Karlijn sings "I apologize" from Dutch band Krezip

  80. Karlijn sings "Ave Maria"

  81. Karlijn ontmoet Rachel & Irma en zingt "Right Here, Right Now"

  82. Karlijn ontmoet Rachel en zingt het liedje "All This Time" van Maria Mena

  83. Karlijn zingt in Lumey "Warwick Avenue

  84. Karlijn zingt in Lumey "Miracle"

  85. Karlijn zingt in Lumey "Mercy

  86. Karlijn zingt in Lumey "right here right now"

  87. Karlijn zingt in Lumey "Make you feel my love"

  88. karlijn turnen vloer kdo hellevoetsluis

  89. karlijn turnen balk kdo hellevoetsluis

  90. Karlijn turnen brug kdo hellevoetsluis

  91. Karlijn turnen sprong 14 maart 2009

  92. karlijn handstandheffen

  93. kvk finale zh september 2007

  94. tsuki karlijn turnbizzz