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Uploaded on Jan 13, 2008

-21 Coins

Hidden Items: 8 (47)
-Sleep Bomb - Jar next to entrance Alhafran Cave
-Elixir - Barrel in the upper half of the double house
-32 Coins - Upper crate to the east of the Mayor's mansion
-7 Coins - Barrel inside lower right room of the Mayor's mansion
-Smoke Bomb - Upper left jar up the pier in Eastern Alhafra
-Large Bread - Use "Tremor" on the box in the backroom of the boat
-Apple - Jar upper level of the inn
-Lucky Medal - Jar between two broken houses on the right

Chests: 1 (48)
-Psy Crystal - Use "Reveal" on the six gravestones

-Briggs & Sea Fighters

You can only get here if you went north after doing 4A, so go through the Yampi Desert first. If you walk around a bit here, the people you met in desert made it as well. Also this village was hit by the Tidal wave as well, meaning that there are no usable boats around here. Although there does appear to be a wrecked boat around (you can see in on the world map). Mind reading the man on the far left tells you something is going on around here. Unfortunately we cannot yet enter the Mayor's mansion, so investigate the other parts of Alhafra.

If you go upstairs in the inn you'll meet Alex again. He has nothing special to say however. After he leaves (when you enter Champa) you can meet two sailors here, if you are playing a Linked Game. They speak about Crossbone Isle being swept clear by Isaac and his companions. One of the sailors also tells that Isaac even bested the 'dreaded' undead pirate Deadbeard. And because of this Isaac is bound to be the leader of all pirates, at least according to them. After the conversation they leave walking past Felix without even noticing him (whether Isaac is in the party or not doesn't matter).

--Eastern Alhafra--
The boat's mast lying around here is badly damaged, after overhearing the conversation between the workers here you are free to walk around. Go inside the cabin and Felix will also overhear a conversation between Briggs and one of his mates. Then suddenly Jenna starts talking out loud, thus blowing their cover. Kraden wants Briggs to attest that Piers is innocent, but he doesn't want to so they start a fight.

As always when fighting humans, they are weak to all elements so the elemental type doesn't matter at all. Take note that Briggs can call for allies with Signal Whistle. Both enemies tend to use a lot of items like herbs and Briggs also has a nut healing him for about 200 points, so it may take some time to finish this battle.

After the battle Briggs says he will cooperate with your terms and thus freeing Piers, then his wife named Chaucha appears and some more people as well. After a very long conversation it is decided that Briggs and his mates go to prison, but Chaucha and her child Eoleo may stay on the ship.

You can try to clear the debris on the ship's mast, but you cannot yet remove the big rock that blocks the main mast. You'll need something more explosive here (See Chapter 7D for more information about this side quest). After doing all the things we can possible do leave the ship. We'll have to come back later. Talking to the mayor give you the opportunity to participate in another event, but for as long as the boat is stuck it won't start. BTW: You can give the Large Bread found on the ship to the crying little boy on the lower east side of Alhafra, in return his father will let you pass into the Alhafran Caves via the rear entrance.

Anyway after the battle on the ship go the Alhafran jail. Here another scene takes place between Briggs and his family. Eoleo the youngest member of the family seems to be able to use Psynergy as well. After they leave "Mind Read" Briggs to confirm these thoughts if you will.

Iron Knuckles

-Original FAQ-


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