Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 36).





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Published on Feb 13, 2011

Its funny, it really is, well to be honest hilarious. I really didn't think PCS was serious when he claimed 'Ive found a scientific discovery that has been sourced to the bible, and that proves its divinely inspired' or similar.

The sad thing is you don't even need to think about it long to realize that hes full of crap.

So his line one item for 'showing the bible to be true' is a fragment of a poem from psalms. A line that involves divinely revealed insight about 'the fish of the sea' and the 'paths of the sea'.

Turns out the arguments weren't even his own anyway. They were copied, word for word off other creationist website. This is doubtless why he doesn't appear on camera.

So 'he' claims that the discovery of the ocean currents was directly due to the Bible, and a guy called Maury read the Bible, and then went off to discovery them.

Problem one of course is there are no citations to this outside creationist scribblings.

Problem 2 is that according to Maury himself, the gulf stream was known about at least 200 years before he looked at the problem (face-palm).

Problem 3, ocean currents have been known about since antiquity. Its one of the first thing you notice when you get out on the sea in a dead calm is that there are ocean currents. Indeed our word for ocean stems from the Greek, as they incorrectly believed the ocean to be a giant river called 'okeanos' (or similar).

So yeah, his bold claim that I had no come back to this is kinda on the level of fractal wrongness.

His second argument is also directly, word for word copied off of another creationist site.
Kudos to GuineaPigDan for spotting this.

There are no 'revealed' discoveries related to this passage in Leviticus, and with good reason.
The ritual for cleaning wounds involves chopping up birds and burning them.
This is also how the Bible describes to cure leprosy.

Further the passage only states running water, not clean running water.
Again, bible literalists will read more into it when they want to, and ignore things that are explicitly stated.

Leviticus, for those who haven't read it is a blood bath of animal sacrifices and burning animal carcasses. Its really messed up stuff that wouldn't be out of place in a horror movie, or in the annals of the mentally disturbed.

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